International Women's Day: Meet The Women at Meet

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As a woman-led business in a male-dominated industry, we’re proud to have so many det...

By Emily Davies

Senior Content Writer

As a woman-led business in a male-dominated industry, we’re proud to have so many determined and inspiring women here at Meet, and it’s important to us that we have female representation at every level.

Why? Because we believe that diversity in leadership allows for more ideas, qualities, and skills within the collective.

Generally speaking, women no longer face significant barriers when entering the workforce, but they do face multiple obstacles when it comes to advancing in their careers.

But the thing is, women are excellent leaders. They’re just as talented, well-educated, and hard-working as their male counterparts, and just like men, they need support to truly reach their potential and thrive.

Looking specifically at the recruitment sector, Westminster Business School reports that women are better billers, even though they’re still largely underrepresented and receive less recognition in the industry.

So, this International Women’s Day, we’re spotlighting and celebrating a number of our fantastic female leaders, demonstrating their growth here at Meet, why female representation in leadership is important to them, and how they’re observing this International Women’s Day.


Chloe Fitzsimons, Division Manager, Perm 360

Chloe joined the Meet team back in 2018 as an Associate Recruiter. Two summers later, in the midst of the chaos of 2020, her perseverance, enthusiasm, and hard work landed her a promotion to Senior Consultant.

A year later, she landed the Lead Consultant title, and within another six months, her drive and determination led her to Division Manager.

Today, Chloe has five direct reports and continues to frequently land the top spot of highest biller in our London office, making her a regular face on our Lunch Club incentives.

When asked about female representation in the corporate world, Chloe says, “Having women in leadership positions is incredibly important. They alter perceptions, lead by example and inspire younger generations to achieve their dreams. The women at Meet have wholeheartedly impacted the way I look at the world and how I approach my role as a manager. I am certain I wouldn’t be the person I am today without their encouragement.”

Looking at her own journey in leadership, Chloe hopes to progress into higher management positions, manage larger teams across multiple markets, and witness her team do the same.

Speaking on International Women’s Day, she comments, “The theme this International Women’s Day is Embrace Equity. In recruitment and the world in general, there is still a lot of work to be done to achieve equality for all. With that said, I’m proud to work for and with businesses that demonstrate diversity and inclusion to help reach that goal.”


Rebekah Hill, Senior Division Director, Client Partners

Since Rebekah joined us in 2012 as a fresh-faced graduate Recruiter, she’s gone on to be one of our longest-standing and most successful employees.  

Over the last 11 years, Rebekah’s achieved some phenomenal things, including (but certainly not limited to) heading stateside to open the doors to our New York office and landing an impressive seven promotions!

Still, Rebekah has no plans for slowing down. She hopes to continue developing as a leader, supporting her team in their development, and watching more women step into senior roles across our five global offices.

Rebekah believes having female representation in leadership is imperative to the career advancement of women everywhere. She says, “I always felt like having Hannah in various leadership roles, and now as CEO, allowed me to view her as a role model and mentor. She showed me what’s possible, motivated me to be the best at what I do, smashing through the glass ceiling that is very apparent in the recruitment industry.

International Women’s Day marks the progress we’ve made toward gender parity, but it also brings attention to the issues and obstacles women continue to face. Today I’ll be celebrating all the phenomenal women that I am lucky to know and learn from.”


Alina Ustjuzhanina, Payroll Manager

Alina first joined Meet in 2017 as a Financial Assistant. From there, she’s climbed the ranks of our Finance function and hopes to continue that growth by teaching her skills to others and developing a global team of her own.

With the Finance sector being predominantly male, Alina says, “Women in leadership bring unique perspectives to the table, which can help identify potential blind spots, biases, and challenges. Sadly, the finance industry lacks female representation, particularly in leadership positions. 

For years diversity has remained consistently low, with women making up only 17% of the industry. To level the playing field, we need to actively and consciously support women in finance, which will encourage other women to follow in their footsteps.”

When asked how she’ll be celebrating International Women’s Day this year, Alina says. “I’ll be in the company of my very good friends – strong women and single mums who win a battle every day by keeping it all together. 

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”


Amanda Blunck, Division Manager, 360 Contract

Amanda is one of our star employees. Joining us in 2020 as Associate Recruiter, she’s swiftly progressed in her career, with four promotions in under three years, meaning today, she leads her own Contract team in New York.

While on the topic of women in leadership positions, Amanda says, “Having women leaders in recruitment is critical. Balance is key, and working in an environment that equally supports men and women, means that the possibilities of what we can achieve are limitless. Typically, women are more thoughtful and sensitive, which lends itself effortlessly to this line of work.  

Overall, having women in leadership now will only help develop a new set of leaders in the future, and we all hold some responsibility to help women succeed. I feel very fortunate that this is a company-wide attitude here at Meet because I know that’s not the case in every recruitment business.” 

When asked what International Women’s Day means to her, Amanda commented, “It’s an opportunity for me to remember that gender equality is an ongoing human rights issue. Women still suffer purely based on their gender, and that’s not ok.

 Today, we celebrate all women of the world; those who came before us, those here today, and those who will come after us.

 I’ll be celebrating with my best girlfriends, cooking, dancing, and drinking wine.”


Vanessa Eatz, Account Manager, Client Partners

Vanessa joined the Meet family in 2018 as an Associate Recruiter. Over the last five years, due to her intuitiveness, reliability and focus, she’s landed multiple promotions, which means that today, she sits as Division Manager building out an entirely new market for Meet.

With her exciting new venture at the forefront, Vanessa hopes to build out her new team, supplying each individual with the tools they need to succeed and leaving her own imprint on Meet. She says, “I want to develop and push my team to reach their potential and have fulfilling, successful careers, just like Rebekah Hill did for me with my journey at Meet.” 

When thinking about female leadership today, Vanessa says, “In NYC, we have a significant number of female leaders, and being able to see them occupy these seats since the moment I began my Meet career has given me something to strive for.

Recognizing and celebrating International Women’s Day is so important because it’s a day that marks the cultural, economic and political achievements of women. 

With recruitment being a typically male-dominated industry, Meet stands out from the crowd; with Hannah as CEO and 55% of our staff female, we really can make an impact and change the status quo of how recruitment is done.”


Eve Coxeter, Talent Acquisition Manager

Eve is the go-to woman for Meet’s internal recruitment. She joined us back in 2019 as Talent Acquisition Specialist, and thanks to her attention to detail, creativity and quick thinking, she quickly landed three promotions, ending up where she is right now: Global Manager of Talent Acquisition.

Prior to joining us at Meet, Eve had gained recruitment experience elsewhere, but it was at Meet where she truly flourished. Her hopes are to continue the trajectory of her career by growing a successful IR team across the globe.

She says, “Having women in positions of influence is truly inspiring. Not only do they serve as role models, but are critical to the career development of women everywhere. 

Women in leadership positions stand to generate other societal impacts on pay equity, shifting outdated workplace policies that are steered towards men and attracting a more diverse workforce. 

Today, I’ll be acknowledging the women who’ve paved the way for us and reminding others that the fight for gender parity is not quite over yet.”

Anisiya Simpson, Division Manager, Perm 360

In 2019, soon after graduating from university, Anisiya joined Meet as an Associate Recruiter. In the years since then, she’s been promoted four times, from Recruiter to Senior Recruiter to Lead Recruiter and now Division Manager.

Looking toward her future here at Meet, Anisiya is passionate about expanding her team while supporting and challenging each and every one of them.

Reflecting on her experience working at Meet so far, she says, “One of my favourite things about Meet is that we have many women in leadership – starting with my manager Paige through the other female leaders all the way to our CEO, Hannah. 

Not only is it motivating and inspiring, but the appreciation for women and their talents is sewn throughout the company. On top of that, whether you’re in the same team or not, every woman I’ve come across at Meet wants to lift each other and support one another in any way they can.”

Anisiya, a Russian native, shares her thoughts on International Women’s Day, “Growing up in Russia, International Women’s Day is actually a huge deal. That means that when this day rolls around, I take the time to reflect on where I came from and the incredibly strong and selfless woman who raised me (and immigrated to the US and luckily brought me along too!).”


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