Committed to positive change

ESG runs through our veins

No matter the business, we all have our part to play.

To us, committing to positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) change is not an extra. It's not a nice-to-have. It's a fundamental part of who we are. 

We believe that everyone, in every business has the ability to make a difference and, simply it comes down to whether you choose to do so. We choose to do something. We choose to take responsibility.

Actions speak louder than words

Building a people-first business

From our inception, we've committed to creating a fair, rewarding and supportive place of work for all, regardless of sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin and/or disabled status. These aren’t just words to us, this runs deep within our work and hiring practices - whether for ourselves or our clients. We find opportunities to learn and work with others who take the same responsibility for the world around them. We participate in:

  •   Programme One - an initiative as a founding member
  •   Member of  APSCo  (Embrace Resource Hub)
  •   Meet’s Culture Community 

We believe a diverse business is a stronger business. Meet is a female-led business and that makes us passionate about being an active leader in the fight for equality. We know that we can always do better and are always looking for opportunities to improve, for new partnerships, new initiatives and new ways that we can provide support to underrepresented groups. 


ESG isn’t static and we encourage our employees to grow, learn and contribute.


While we're passionate about people, naturally, ESG goes beyond that. Our infrastructure is centred around sustainability. Protecting the environment and maintaining it for our children and future generations motivates us to do what we can. We've partnered with Positive Planet to build a Net Zero strategy and we've invested in digital systems to create paperless offices. 

Taking responsibility for how we work and behave

We choose to make a difference

We choose to continuously improve

We need to respond to the situation that’s happening now and future challenges, that requires constant improvement, tweaks and flexibility.

We choose to challenge ourselves

Most recently that's our ambition is to be carbon-zero; we've partnered with Positive Planet to create a plan, including everything from what offices we lease to how we travel, to make sure we achieve this.

We choose to build partnerships

Like being a founding member of Programme One, which addresses the underrepresentation of Black talent in the recruitment space.

We choose to create positive social outcomes

Our ESG work is driven by our Leadership, Culture Community and supported external consultants.

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