Maureen Rankine, Medical Writer

I was approached by Meet Recruitment in February 2017 when I was looking for the next step in my career as a Pharmacovigilance Scientist.  I’d been made redundant and had started interviewing for a similar job to the one I would be leaving.  Meet got in touch to discuss a different job altogether and I spoke with Georgina Collings as she described to me a contract Medical Writing role with a US CRO, writing Safety documents.  Initially I was interested but felt that I would stick with what I knew. 

Georgina phoned me back several times to discuss the role as I was interviewing for other jobs.  I had answers ready for why I didn’t want to be a Medical Writer on a temporary contract, however this is when Georgina and her manager Nick really got to work.  She negotiated a higher daily rate, then an hourly rate to address my concerns of working for a US firm.  Georgina worked extremely hard to promote the merits of her client and their track record of retaining staff.  I still had misgivings about taking on this role, as I was a PV Scientist.  When a PV role came up, Georgina was happy to put me forward for that and immediately got me an interview.  But as I started to think about the practicalities of this new role and the Medical Writer role first offered, I was able to phone Georgina up and discuss further.  During the whole period of negotiation, Georgina was always approachable and very pleasant to speak to. 

She demonstrated a lot of patience as we went over the role in detail, the daily rates of the different jobs, deciding between being home-based and commuting, permanent and contract.  I hadn’t had to consider these things before so it was important to me and would be a big change. Ultimately, I chose to go with the Medical Writing contract and also with Meet Recruitment, because Georgina addressed all my concerns, she took the time to understand what I wanted in a role, challenged my perceptions to demonstrate that this contract could give me what I wanted and ultimately worked hard for both her Client and myself.  Since taking on this role, everything has gone smoothly and as promised, and I am comfortably settled.  And I am grateful that Georgina took the time with me – yes, it’s been a big change, but a hugely positive one.