Meet Partners with Treefo to Turn Feedback into Forests

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At Meet, we're super excited to be using Feefo – the world’s largest verifie...

By Yasmiina McIntyre

Customer Success Executive

At Meet, we're super excited to be using Feefo – the world’s largest verified reviews provider – to fund tree-planting projects in return for honest customer reviews.

Across each of our global offices, our infrastructure is centred around sustainability. Protecting the environment and maintaining it for future generations motivates us to do everything we can. With the launch of Feefo’s new sustainability feature ‘Treefo’, we’re excited to offer our candidates and clients a planet-loving thank you for every review they share!

Feefo has partnered with reputable climate solutions specialists, Ecologi, to source its tree-planting projects. Ecologi, in turn, works hand-in-hand with genuine project providers who are engaging with local communities to restore landscapes. These tree-planting projects make sure that the seeds are nurtured to ensure they have the best chance of growing into full-sized trees.


Hannah Haigh – CEO of Meet said of the addition of Treefo to our partnership:

"We've enjoyed a strong relationship with Feefo over the years, and it's fantastic to collaborate with them on this initiative. This aligns with our commitment to ESG, reinforcing our responsibility to contribute positively to the planet.


Through our partnership with Feefo, Meet is committed to planting a minimum of 50 trees per month, with the help of reviews left by our candidates and clients.


Kerry Leighton-Bailey, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Feefo, said of the Treefo launch: 

This is the feature we’ve been waiting for. It builds on Feefo’s ethical journey and means we can finally support businesses to reach their sustainability goals. Businesses are collecting customer reviews anyway. Why not turn that into planet-loving action?”    


If you’d like to understand more about who Feefo are and Meet’s partnership with them, read about our recent Gold Trusted Service award here.


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