Top 5 reasons why we love music in our offices...

Company culture has become more important than ever in attracting and retaining the best talent. Along with this emphasis on culture and environment has come one of the greatest conundrums of the 21st century office – music. The ongoing debate of whether playing music is a good thing for company culture or a hindrance has divided opinion. Here at Meet we believe it’s the former. Music is a big part of our culture; from our own Spotify playlist, Meet Bangers, to the individual songs we play to recognize each other’s success - it aligns with our values and is an important part of Meet Life.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we love music in our offices!

  1. Productivity

According to WebpageFX’s research, 40% of small to medium business owners believe playing music increases sales. It’s motivational, creating a happier, better engaged and thus more productive workplace (really what more reason do you need?).

  1. Positivity

Music stimulates the release of dopamine in the brain, a hormone that improves your mood and promotes one of our 5 values; positivity. Studies have found that when you’re in a positive mood, your brain can process ‘the bigger picture’ and make careful considered decisions. Essential when supporting your candidates in making the right decisions for their future career!

  1. Focus

Music helps you concentrate. According to research from neuropsychologists at Mindlab International nine out of ten workers produced more accurate work when listening to music. In fact, listening to pop music has been proven to improve the speed of admin tasks and help improve your memory. Who doesn’t want to get the formatting of that CV done more quickly?

  1. Imagination

Creativity is another of our core values; listening to music encourages creative thinking, particularly if you’re listening to a variety of different genres. In the Meet office the playlist is collaborative; anyone can login and add a song to the mix – we’ve got varied taste which keeps it interesting!

  1. Workplace culture

All of our offices are energetic hubs of activity, whether it’s speaking to client and candidates, organizing interviews or negotiating terms, having music in the office drives the buzz! But background music is also proven to reduce stress and anxiety, in a fast-paced job like recruitment that’s important too.

Looking for a better company culture? Come and join the team and add your bangers to the playlist… get in touch with to hear more about the culture we offer here at Meet!


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