Our long weekend Incentive to Ibiza - Joseph Dykes

Our long weekend Incentive to Ibiza - Joseph Dykes

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I joined meet recruitment almost exactly one year ago to the day, I came from a Medical Devices recruitment background to build out the Medical Devices division of meet.

I had been to Ibiza once before but was not prepared for the Lavish spectacle that awaited ahead of me.

There was nervous energy had been flying round the office from the winners who were packed and ready to go, we went for a pre-flight steak dinner before making our way to the airport on the train.

The flight was interesting!!! That was to be expected at 5pm on a Friday on a flight to Ibiza. Lively, shall we say. We then arrived at Ushuaia at around 9.30 and I can honestly say it’s one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in, great atmosphere and unique scent. Top notch.

Blue Marlin was another incredible place with everyone in high spirits, I had some of the best food I’ve ever eaten and I think the biggest bottle of Wine I’ve ever seen. We then moved straight on to Hi Ibiza (space) where Glitterbox had a night. Lots of flamboyant Dancing Girls, and boys, and a good disco party vibe.

We all woke up to Ushuaia’s famous breakfast that if you haven’t seen or hear od it is well worth a google, there was everything. Steak, omelette, Cured meat, Cheese, Sweets, Prosecco, Prosecco and more Prosecco. We then moved from breakfast to the beach and had two beds and spent the day dipping in the sea with a Dj playing and being waited on hand and foot!! Days don’t get much better.

We then went for pre-drinks in Pauls room where we watched Antz from the balcony and then headed down to join the party. After this We headed to Pacha which is by far my favourite club in Ibiza to see Basement Jaxx & Bob Sinclaire. The décor, sound system and the company make for an amazing night.

In the morning, we were greeted by another Ushuaia breakfast and then dipped back in to the pool with a few drinks whilst chatting the night before and then headed to Amante where we sat on a cliff over a quiet bay and had lunch in the shade followed by a dip in the sea.

Sadly we then only had time for one more drink in the hotel pool before heading to the airport to come home.

Absolutely brilliant weekend, I would highly recommend it!!

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