Is Marketing the future of Recruitment? - Ben Dalzell

The connection between Recruitment and Marketing is a hot topic in the Recruitment industry, but is Marketing the future of Recruitment? ...Obviously, our Senior Manager for Global Marketing is completely unbiased… so we asked him!

Ben has led Meet’s Marketing department for almost 4 years, in that time he has seen a dramatic shift in the relationship between Sales and Marketing in the Recruitment industry. It’s simple, he says, “In the age of consumer choice, how does a company standout from the competition?” According to Ben, “It’s about building a trusted brand.”

As one of the fastest growing industries in both the UK and the USA, there is plenty of competition between Recruitment agencies. Consequently, Marketing has become incredibly significant in attracting candidates and clients.

As well as working with active candidates, it’s a recruiter’s job to build relationships with passive candidates. These are candidates who are unique because they haven’t started their job search, so aren’t available to clients through any other means. As Ben tells us, “It’s not a job that is about one-time interactions, what we’re building is a network of people engaged in our brand long term, so that when it’s the right time they will partner with us.”

“That means using Marketing techniques to amplify Meet’s brand and get relevant, engaging content in front of as many people as possible. All of our work reflects Meet’s personality and attitude; from the website, the content style, right down to the name and logo – it’s all about engagement and building relationships.”

Marketing is also becoming critical for internal hiring. What’s the first thing a millennial does when job hunting? They go online. For Meet that means, “They’ll see our Glassdoor rating (a score we’re proud of), our website which stands out and the culture that’s reflected on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Luckily, our culture has been something that’s easy to market.”

But that’s not all ‘Recruitment Marketing’ is about, “I think there’s a common misconception that it’s just about content and tweeting. Those are important aspects, but technology, processes and analytics are equally significant.”

Meet invest in the best technology in the Recruitment industry, but as Ben points out, “we’re unusual compared to a lot of the market as we already view these sales tools as Marketing tools too.”

 “The technology is becoming more sophisticated; LinkedIn Recruiter is just one example of a tool that is constantly updating. Job boards aren’t just job boards anymore; the whole industry is shifting, and recruiters need to adapt. That means becoming a ‘tech recruiter’".

“It’s been my job for the last 3-4 years to ensure we are maximising the tools and technology we use, setting ambitious ROI targets and aiding the recruiter’s visibility.”

“However, there’s an assumption that this technology does the job for them. That’s just not the case, it still depends on their talent, but is about developing a Marketing mindset too.”

 “We’re lucky to have a very progressive CEO and COO, they both drive creativity and technology; recognising the significance of Marketing in the Recruitment industry and that filters down to the rest of the team.”    

Although across the industry, recruiters are thinking more holistically, there aren’t a huge number of agencies in the industry where Marketing is a core strategy for both external and internal Recruitment, as it is at Meet. That’s had a big impact on our reach, “I don’t know of many agencies our size that get as much traffic as we do or are ‘seen’ as much as we are.”

Ben believes that, “Marketing isn’t just the future of Recruitment but, is the now. Moving forward, any successful Recruitment business will have a Marketing presence. The line between the two functions is blurred, it won’t be long before Recruitment is Marketing focused.”

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