A postcard from San Francisco

A postcard from San Francisco

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Ever thought about working in San Francisco? Meet’s SF team tell us the top reasons they adore working in this diverse city.

San Francisco certainly has the wow factor. From its unusual weather, charming tram network and iconic bridge to the laid-back culture, it’s postcard perfect.

Its residents, or at least the team who work at Meet, are particularly passionate about San Francisco being the best city in the world to live and work.

Here are our talented team’s top 5 reasons they won’t live or work anywhere else…

  1. The weather

Lovingly nicknamed Fog City, San Francisco’s rolling morning fog makes for a spectacular commute. Particularly for Ashley, part of Meet’s SF team, “Every morning I get an incredible view of the skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge in the fog.” Most of the team commute from the surrounding areas in San Francisco but Ashley is particularly lucky with her route!

Although it may not be beach weather, it’s never too hot or cold in SF. And the magical fog seems to be one of the most popular things about the city.

  1. Innovation

San Francisco is a city that thrives on innovation - the fuel of its start-up culture. That culture is exactly why Meet set up their second US office there. As a people lead business we wanted to be in a city which attracts the top talent, the most interesting companies and biggest investment.

It makes it a very interesting place to work, the VP Mike explains, “San Francisco is a very transient place, so many different people from all walks of life are attracted to the high tech, biotech, start-up industries that have had such a big impact on the Bay Area landscape.” 

  1. Inclusivity

Both Ashley and Elisa from the Medical Devices team agree that their favourite thing about SF is its inclusive culture, "It doesn't matter who you are, we're so accepting." A fact that's true both of the city and Meet’s team there. Having started as just 1 person, the team which is now 13 strong, are close knit. Ashley tells us, "We all enjoy hanging out, after the last Lunch club we all spontaneously bought baseball tickets and spent the afternoon together. We get along really well outside of work."

Elisa and Ashley go on to say that in SF anyone, from whatever background will fit somewhere into its diverse culture. 

  1. Vibrancy

“You’ll never run out of things to do” says Ashley, “Art, sports, the parks – it’s a very vibrant city." SF is an eclectic mix of art festivals, jazz clubs and music venues; Meet's office is right in the centre of it all! Located in the Financial District on Sacramento Street they are surrounded by a never ending range of after work activities! 

Happy hour is a big thing in SF and at the end of the week the team take the opportunity to hang out together in their local – they’re a social bunch! 

  1. Location

Elisa, who was born and raised in the bay area, came back after college and doesn’t think she’ll ever leave. For Elisa, the best part about San Fran is its location, “4 hours and you’re in the snow, a few hours to the beach – it’s perfect. Our VP, Mike, agrees. Originally from the UK Mike can't get over that "Napa, Tahoe, Yosemite and so many beaches are all within a short drive". 

As we said, the SF team are a social bunch, their next incentive is for the whole office to go to Wine Country in Napa - arguably one of the best wine regions in the world and not an incentive that would be possible in most of Meet's locations.


Have we convinced you San Francisco is the place for you? Well, you’re in luck… our SF team is hiring! Get in touch with careers@peoplewithchemistry.com to hear more about the opportunity to work in this wonderful city.

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