My first 3 months at Meet by Nick McCullough

From the end of April, I’ll have been at Meet for 3 months! I can say now that coming to Meet was the best decision I could have made!

I graduated back in 2015 with a Degree in Psychology from Bangor University, and went straight into my first role as a Manager at a well-known UK supermarket… After a year and a half living the retail life, I decided three things: I wanted to work in a meritocratic role, where hard work would be rewarded, and I wanted to move to London, and I wanted a role with a great social life – Which led me to recruitment. When looking for Recruitment roles in London, Meet was the company that stood out to me the most. From the minute I had my interviews with Caroline, Nick and Paul, I knew this was the company for me.

The first month or so was focused on me learning the basics of recruiting, being introduced to the DACH clinical operations market, and getting a thorough understanding of the pharmaceutical industry! In many companies, you would be forced to find your own way. Instead within meet I was put through a series of training with Blaze, our Head of People, and shown the ropes very quickly. Alongside this, I was constantly supported by my mentor Russell, who was always there as my safety net whenever I wasn’t quite sure how to approach something!

In other companies, promotions are often hard to come by as the requirements are usually blurred. In Meet, however, the promotion boundaries are very clear, and if you hit the specific target, you will be promoted. I managed to hit the promotion target for Consultant in my second full month at Meet this March! It’s such a rare opportunity to work for a company with such honesty and integrity, and It has really encouraged me that I can forge a successful career here.

I still have a long way to go, but my targets are set and the plan is in place for how I will achieve my next target of Senior Consultant, and with the guidance and training the company will offer me to achieve this, I couldn’t be more excited for what comes next.

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