US Operations Administrator

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  • Salary $40000 - 40000
  • Location New York City
  • Permanent
  • Sector Exec Search

Job Summary

US Operations Administrator JOB PROFILE A key position within The Hub, supporting the office to improve business productivity and growth. A valued and trusted member of the team and the “go to” for majority of day-to-day questions. MEET VALUES Quality, Positivity, Integrity, Creativity, Success.

Job Overview

• Basic IT Support:
o Day to day questions
o Working with third parties to log and resolve user issues

• Basic Systems Support:
o Day to day questions
o User updates

• Travel & Event Planning:
o Costing and booking travel for business trips
o Booking venues for company events
o Compiling packs/itineraries

• Ordering Supplies:
o Ensuring we have enough stationary
o Ordering birthday cakes
o Arranging Friday drinks and snacks
o Ensure managers have what they need

• Daily Office Management:
o Post and deliveries
o Banking checks
o Liaising with building management over any issues, requirements, etc.
o Looking after the office environment
o Making sure we have adequate office equipment and enough of it!

• Finance Administration:
o Tracking spends
o Reconciling credit card statements and receipts (where advised)

• Ad Hoc responsibilities:
o Our Senior Management Team may occasionally need support with personal errands, tasks, etc.

• Office staff are confident in your abilities to support them day-to-day
• Office management are confident that support and operational needs are being managed and communicated effectively
• Clear and concise communication being delivered to stakeholders where and when necessary
• To the extent possible, smooth day-to-day management of key activities

• Ongoing support and guidance provided by Head of Operations
• Please submit request to Head of Operations for additional or outside training

• Bi-annual bonus available based on personal and business performance
• Opportunity to be invited to incentives based on personal performance

• Promotion Criteria for Operations Executive as are as follows:
o Can clearly demonstrate all competencies listed below
o Can clearly demonstrate autonomy for making day-to-day decisions, requiring less input from manager
o Can show evidence of making clear informed business decisions based on research
o Can give examples of contributions towards having improved business efficiency
o Can give examples of presenting proactive ideas to line manager, with the view to improve or create business processes

Skills Required

• Response to Business Needs
o Ability to effectively respond to business needs and manager requests
o Showing ability to prioritize tasks according to urgency
o Managing expectations when request comes from a colleague i.e. making sure they know when they can expect a response / resolution
o Completing tasks in agreed timescale
o Positive feedback from the stakeholders

• Time Management
o Always demonstrate excellent time management skills, prioritizing key tasks when needed
o Can utilize suitable tools to manage task list e.g. Outlook calendar
o Can autonomously manage daily and weekly task list
o Can autonomously manage communication and delivery of monthly objectives to manager

• Positive “can do” attitude
o Warm personality with strong communication skills – written and spoken
o Able to demonstrate positivity in daily role
o Showing creativity when working on more complex tasks

• Communication Skills
o Communication is effective and succinct
o External communication should be professional and in line with “How Meet Communicates” guidelines

• Attention to detail
o When costing options financial information needs to be accurate
o External communication should be grammatically correct

Contact Details

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