Meet ranks highly in the Hot 100 by Recruiter Magazine

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With the Hot 100 list illustrating the quality and competitiveness of the recruitment secto...

By Emily Davies

Senior Content Writer

With the Hot 100 list illustrating the quality and competitiveness of the recruitment sector, we’re thrilled to announce that Meet has placed #24 – the highest-ranked standalone business completely focused on the world of Life Sciences! 



The Hot 100 list, brought together by Recruiter Magazine, is increasingly competitive within the recruitment world, ranking the very best recruitment businesses in the UK that support a wide range of industries. Not only that, but Hot 100 shines a spotlight on the recruitment sector’s ability to navigate challenges of uncertainty, not only within recruitment but within the sub-sectors each company recruits into.


Over the last few years, even with socioeconomic uncertainty, recruiters have become increasingly more efficient in their work, becoming more productive, more resilient, and benefiting their partners by improving their access to quality candidates.



Stephen Herniman, CFO, comments on Meet’s ranking:


“Placing in the Hot 100 is a huge achievement, demonstrating our agility and adaptability in an ever-changing global landscape. 


Of course, we wouldn’t have done so without the relentless work of our team, who always rise to the challenge, remain laser-focused, and continue to offer exceptional support to our clients and candidates. We’d be nowhere without them, and they make me proud each and every day – thank you!


Secondly, I want to thank our many clients and Life Sciences professionals for trusting us, supporting us, and choosing us to partner with. Their work is invaluable to global health, and it’s incredibly fulfilling to work alongside such inspiring individuals. 


And lastly, thank you to Recruiter Magazine for recognising our hard work! Meet has had huge growth in the last couple of years, and I am confident that will only continue as we expand our market share and geographical coverage to create even more opportunities for our team and partners.”



Hot 100 Methodology


The data for the Hot 100 shows the companies with the highest GP per employee, which has been rigorously analysed and validated on the following criteria:


  • Qualifying Criteria – To qualify, companies must generate a GP of at least £1.5m and have at least 20 employees.
  • Groups and Subsidiaries – Where a group company and one or more of its subsidiaries would qualify for the list, the ‘TopCo’ is excluded to prevent double counting. There is no limit to the number of subsidiaries of the same group company that can appear in the list.
  • Accounts – Latest available accounts for 2021 and 2022 have been used.
  • Jurisdiction – Overseas operations of UK-based companies are excluded. Where UK specialists place talent worldwide from their UK base is included.
  • Employees – In calculating GP/head, the number of employees is derived from the company’s latest accounts.

For more on the Hot 100, and to see the full list, click here.

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