International Day of Charity: Introducing Meet's Regional Charity Partnerships

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Here at Meet, we believe that everyone in every business has the ability to make a differenc...

By Emily Davies

Senior Content Writer

Here at Meet, we believe that everyone in every business has the ability to make a difference - it simply comes down to whether you choose to do so. We choose to do something, and we choose to take responsibility.

Being in the industry we’re in, we’re incredibly proud of the (small but important) role we have in shaping the future of global health. Working alongside real-life heroes means we’re also well aware that we can always do better. So, alongside our ongoing ESG contribution, we continuously look for opportunities to learn and improve.

Fundraising has been and always will be an intrinsic part of who Meet is. That’s why we each take two days off a year to dedicate our time to a charity close to our hearts. More than that, in each of our offices, we collectively choose a non-profit organisation to partner with and raise awareness for their cause. With today, September 5th, being International Day of Charity, we thought what better time to let you know what we’ve all been up to…

1.   New York has partnered with The Bowery Mission

With its twinkling lights, rich culture, and charm aplenty, New York is easily one of the most vibrant and inspiring cities in the world. But, like all major cities, with the good comes the bad, and for anyone experiencing hardship, NYC can be an unforgiving place to live.

As of 2022, NYC has the highest homeless population in the US, so when it came to selecting a charity, our NY team felt most passionately about supporting their fellow New Yorkers and helping tackle the homelessness problem in their city.

Our charity partner, The Bowery Mission, has served people of New York facing homelessness, hunger, and other crises of poverty since the 1870s. Along with personalized care and loving support, they provide meals, shelter, showers, and clothing to those in need.

Each act of kindness The Bowery Mission offers doubles as an invitation to residential and community programs. These programs help New Yorkers progress towards their own individual goals, like regaining sobriety, preparing for work, independent living, and reconnecting with family and faith.

So far this month, our NY team has participated in a Lunch and Learn with The Bowery Mission team, so they’re equipped with as much knowledge as possible when they begin their fundraising activities. Of course, we’ll keep you updated with everything they get up to in due course!

2.   San Francisco & San Diego have teamed up with Surfrider Foundation

Living along the coast of California, our West Coast team is spoilt with natural beauty; aquamarine swells, sun-kissed velvet shores, and rolling wild mountains – a taste of heaven!

Protecting their own slice of paradise along with the ongoing climate crisis motivated our team to choose a charity partner who is committed to improving the world around them. Enter Surfrider Foundation.

Surfrider’s mission is to engage environmental experts to create solutions to protect oceans, waves, and beaches all over the world. Our West Coast offices have already gotten involved in beach cleanups (which you can see below 😉), but we’ll be sure to keep you updated with everything else they get up to in support of Surfrider.

While we fully support Surfrider’s initiative to save our seas, the non-profit also shares our Diversity and Inclusion values, using their platforms to share the voices of BIPOC and LGBTQ+. So, from our very first conversation, we knew they were a perfect match!

3.   Berlin is spreading the love with GoNature

Similarly to the West Coast, our Berlin bunch also wanted to take responsibility for our environment and support a charity whose purpose is to save our planet. After learning about the important work GoNature conduct, we’re proud to announce our newest partnership.

GoNature commits to conserving the planet’s biological diversity, aiming to protect thousands of animals, habitats, and plants. They inspire people to get involved by providing easy access to nature conservation, with the hope of firmly anchoring it in future generations.

The Berlin team will kick off their fundraising events on September 17th for World Clean Up Day by heading out and giving their wonderful, multicultural city a good dusting! Keep your eyes peeled for plenty of events to follow as we create a longstanding partnership with GoNature.

4.   London is supporting Bowel Cancer UK

In one way or another, all of us, at some point in time, have been affected by cancer. Over in London, the team was inspired to support a healthcare-related charity, and with bowel cancer being the 2nd highest cancer killer in the country, partnering up with Bowel Cancer UK was an easy choice.

The non-profit is devoted to providing support to those affected, delivering training to healthcare professionals, and supplying expert information to the public about the disease. Just earlier this month, our London team took part in an incredibly insightful Awareness Talk.

Since then, our London bunch are committed to raising awareness, increasing understanding, and destigmatizing the illness as bowel cancer is treatable and curable, especially when diagnosed early.

Our UK team is kicking off their fundraising with a trivia night held on September 15th with plenty more in the pipeline, with plans for sales days, a Halloween-themed event, and Christmas jumper day. The team can also get involved in sponsored runs and bake sales to use up their own Charity Days if they haven’t done so already!

5.   All our US offices are going the extra mile this September fundraising for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

On top of our regional charity partnerships, our US offices have come together for Children’s Cancer Awareness Month to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The reason for doing so is to spread awareness of St. Jude’s important mission in helping the world understand, treat and defeat childhood cancer.

While seeking out the genetic origins of cancer and possible new cures, St. Jude shares all of their scientific discoveries with the world of Life Sciences. What’s more, the foundation promises that families will never receive a bill for treatment, travel, housing, or food. Noble acts such as these are exactly why Meet champions St. Jude, and we’re delighted to use our platform to shine a global spotlight on the vital work they do.

80% of the funds needed to grow and sustain St. Jude come from public contributions. With that in mind, our US team is hopeful that their fundraising efforts will help aid patient care, research and development, and research and training – areas that we truly understand the importance of by learning from and working closely with those in Life Sciences.

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