Customer Success: What It Means, Why It Matters & How Meet Are Doing It Differently

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In September 2022, we began a new pursuit of gathering feedback and insights from the people...

By Yasmiina McIntyre

Customer Success Executive

In September 2022, we began a new pursuit of gathering feedback and insights from the people and businesses we work with. This has been a huge milestone in moving towards what we are trying to achieve here at Meet.

On a more personal level, as Meet’s first-ever Customer Success Executive, this is a big step in connecting the key elements of my role.

You might be aware that ‘Customer Success’ is a term commonly used within the tech space, but here at Meet, we know that the success of our people, clients, and candidates should be at the heart of everything we do. This means putting the voice of the people we work with at the centre of how we operate. My role as Customer Success Executive is to be that voice.

What’s our approach?

When Glenn Southam, Head of Insights, Success & Marketing, was hiring for the team, his vision was clear: How can we find out what people actually think of Meet? And how can we channel this feedback and insight into the business?

This is to ensure that we are providing the best possible service to the Life Sciences industry and developing our own teams across the globe while being committed to creating content that adds value, and, of course, contributing to Meet’s ongoing growth and value.

What do we want to achieve?

We want to get a real understanding of what our people think of us at each and every stage of the recruitment process. That means asking questions like, what did we do well? What can we improve on? How can we increase people’s chances of securing their next role within Life Sciences? And in what areas do we have the potential to work more attentively alongside Life Sciences companies in their recruiting efforts?

Gaining this granular level of insight into the entire recruitment lifecycle will allow us to improve business processes, as well as influence and update training materials to ensure we are always focusing on the right touchpoints.

In addition to this, we want to create relevant marketing content that is influenced by the people working within Life Sciences. As a global business, our people are based far and wide, and we intend to remain a constant source of support for all the individuals and organisations that we work with. In order to be that reliable source, we want the inspiration for our content to come from the people we speak to, and for our content to touch people all over the world.

Why is this important?

It’s all too easy to base decisions on assumptions and an ‘idea’ of what we believe we’re doing well. However, to really make sure we’re providing the best possible service to our clients and candidates, it’s much more advantageous to have real conversations with those individuals and make use of technological advances to really understand what they care about most.

Having a dedicated Success team at Meet means we have the opportunity to take a microscopic look at the feedback we receive. Our recruiters often have a lot on their plates, so having a dedicated team that can complement their relationship building efforts and take the time to focus on gathering feedback, analysing it, and identifying trends is immensely valuable.

On the other hand, from the perspective of an individual or organisation we’re working with, knowing that we provide the best possible service, and being able to see real evidence of this in the form of case studies and testimonials, will hugely enhance their experience of working with Meet, and hopefully make them want to work with us again and again throughout their careers.

If you take testimonials, for example, I know that many of you would probably check the reviews and ratings of a restaurant before eating there, or a hotel before booking a stay. The same concept applies to recruitment. We want everyone to be aware of the amazing work that happens within Life Sciences, and how Meet plays an integral role in that, before they have even made that first contact with us.

How will we do it?

Because the world of Life Sciences is constantly evolving and ever-changing, it only makes sense that we reflect the industry we work so closely alongside. That means making use of modern platforms to reach our people, create relationships and educate the world on the revolutionary work of our clients and candidates.

At Meet, our Success team will use a mixture of technology and automation to reach out to as many people in our network as possible. We want to enhance the speed and consistency at which we are able to connect with the individuals whose opinions and insights are so valuable to us, enabling us to evolve and meet their needs.

What makes us different?

Like most of you, we want to shout about the things we’re doing well, and so one of the more exciting parts of Meet’s approach to Customer Success and feedback is the way it filters directly into our Marketing function.

We’ll have a chance to receive real-time insight from the organisations and people that we work with about what kind of content they want to see. We’ll also have in-depth conversations about their markets and identify key trends and important news from these areas that will only support our consultants in better understanding what is happening in the industries they recruit for.

By researching these areas and putting together case studies in the form of videos, podcasts, and other media formats, our consultants can then share these snippets of insider knowledge with their networks with the understanding that it’s something they are keen to hear about.

Here at Meet, we’re extremely lucky to have a super talented Insights, Success & Marketing team. Together we work as a continuous cycle to gather feedback, provide insights, and feed content to support everyone at Meet as well as the incredible individuals and organisations that we work alongside.

Callum, our Data Analyst, identifies key market trends and insights regarding Meet’s global placements, partnerships and market verticals. Emily, our Content Writer, and Owen, our Videographer, use the data insights and feedback to create engaging, fresh, and relevant content to spotlight the pioneering work of Life Sciences, and Meet, to educate our wider audience.

It’s an exciting time for Meet as we try to do things a bit differently from what has been done before. I hope you enjoy following our journey!

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