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If you have a query about Contractor or Permanent jobs or require help within the Life Sciences industry, check out our FAQs below. And if you can't find an answer to your question, get in touch by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page. 



We are a global recruitment agency specialising in the life science industry, specifically CRO, biopharma, pharma and medical devices. Our offices are located in London (headquarters), Berlin, New York and San Francisco. We have successfully helped companies such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, ICON, and many others fill vacancies by providing them with the best talent.

You don't need to pay them; we will! Meet has all the people and processes in place to ensure we deliver our contractors on a typical schedule through timesheets approved by their assigned manager. In addition, Meet's accounts team will invoice your business at an agreed frequency that suits your finance department.

Here is a podcast of a candidate who we placed in 2019 who discusses this topic further: https://podcast.easymedicaldevice.com/115/

An exclusive agreement means we can dedicate more resources and team members to the search. This ultimately will mean we will be able to provide a higher number of CVs in a shorter period, resulting in the position getting filled quicker and more efficiently.

Meet has a more personal approach than a CRO. We complete tailored candidate searches, have built deep relationships with those candidates, and can match them perfectly to the right job and culture fit. Meet is also a lot cheaper than any CRO.

No, we offer completely free of costs consulting services to our candidates.

We can work with you on multiple roles at once! It is one of the best benefits of working with a recruiter. Various processes can greatly benefit candidates and allow them to pick their favourite company.

You will be emailed a link on your first work day to enrol in Meet's benefits.


Yes, we will not send your profile anywhere without your consent.

Meet offers contingent recruitment services with success-only agreements. Simply put, you only pay if we can find the exceptional talent you choose to bring into your business.

The contractor can enrol in our Health, Dental and Vision Benefits as a contractor but must be working full-time hours for an extended period and on a W2.

We are a group of recruiters dedicated to our gold standard client base. We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our clients and how best to service them.

This puts us in a solid position to give candidates we work with a range of robust options that can be tailored to their needs.

Recruiters are constantly managing a wide range of communication channels. Calls are the most efficient method of communication, as they allow for more nuance than an email or text.

This is because we have a number of specialist recruiters working across divisions that cover the same markets. For example, you may be contacted by the recruiter supporting our more minor/niche sponsor perm roles.

This recruiter does the same on contract and our Client Partner, representing our more extensive, established client options. So ultimately, as a candidate, you are getting a far more attentive service, the support of 3 Meet recruiters, and a more comprehensive range of opportunities.

  • An introduction to the team that you'll be working in and the people within it
  • Shadowing a manager that would give you the knowledge of the day two day of a recruiter
  • Training (an introduction to our L&D program that incorporates life sciences and recruitment learning)
  • An excellent lunchtime get-together with your team to get to know people better
  • Looking over our database, which has all our candidate and client information, so you know your vertical niche
  • Admin and keep on top of replying to anything that comes into your work email

Yes, we can support Full-time, contract-to-hire and Consulting needs!

Yes, our Client Partner team specialises in this sort of arrangement.

Meet is not your go-to provider to outsource your entire clinical trial. However, we are excellent at providing specialist contracts and consulting individuals who can do just that for you in-house!

In addition, many of our Biotech partners have decided to terminate their expensive and disappointing CRO partnerships to bring in 10-15 Meet consultants to get their programs through crucial phases and FDA approval.

  • A thorough/ in-depth market analysis helps us identify and attract the best talent.
  • Support from myself and our internal marketing team in developing a candidate attraction proposition giving candidates an introductory profile on the opportunity and a value proposition on what we take to market.
  • The dedication of our internal life sciences resourcing team helps you find the right candidate quicker.
  • Full candidate screening ensures a smooth candidate and client journey from the introduction.
  • Managing the entire interview process saves time for you and your colleagues.
  • Exclusive candidates minimise the risk of competing offers from other companies.
  • An agreed recruitment process where we can deliver a shortlist of candidates for review and provide a realistic timeframe in being able to achieve the placement (Typically ~8 weeks)
  • A guaranteed placement

You don't have to pay them at all. We will send you an all-inclusive rate that the candidate gets, and we will then have the contractor on our payroll; we will pay them bi-weekly and then invoice your business. We want you to utilise the consultant, and we will take care of all the paperwork, payment, etc.

We will help you manage a lot of it! We can schedule interviews and give you interview prep and feedback to make this a much easier process.

No, working with a recruiter will provide additional resources when you get to the offer stage. In addition, recruiters can help you negotiate a package that is attractive to you.

As many as you like! Our job is to ensure you can apply to the companies that match your career and job expectations.

We build contractual agreements into our T&Cs which offer you the protection of a free replacement should a candidate leave within a set time frame to give you peace of mind.

Yes, we check the references of any candidate sent to our clients.

As a recruiter in the UK market, I understand the market value of each role. I will also do my utmost to secure the highest salary to get people excited about opportunities and ensure they feel valued.

An umbrella company is a PAYE solution vendor for contractors in the UK. They ensure that Meet's contractor base, deemed to fall Inside IR35 regulations, is set up in a compliant manner and that all taxes and deductions are taken at source.

This means you do not need to worry about accountants or self-assessment tax dates when working in this way via Meet and means the payment you receive every month is yours to spend.

Meet partners with professionals everywhere in Life Sciences, from pre-clinical to commercial. Whether a part-time consultant, full-time contractor or maternity cover, we have you covered!

  • Saves time
  • Reduces costs
  • Promotes your brand
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Competitor analysis

We have a program that explains every step of submitting the timesheet. If there are any additional questions, we have an amazing finance team who can immediately assist with any questions.

We make sure to have a confidential call with every candidate and understand their needs - then we can advise, based on our market knowledge and vacancies available, what options are available for them.

Then, we make sure to present them to our partners and, from then on, handle the job process as smooth as possible for both sides - including interview preparation, checking feedback from both sides and resolving any unclarities.

Yes, we can, but the contractor must be an LLC or SCORP, work with multiple clients, have the necessary insurance and tax themselves through their company number.

100%, you want to create as many options to get a role as possible. This will allow you to pick the role that is best suited to you.

We do everything from pre-clinical to commercial. Our sweet spots within the life science industry are Clinical Development, Clinical Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Affairs, Medical Writing, Business Development, Quality and Data Management.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our services - just ask our clients and candidates! We set clear next steps for every milestone of working with us and are happy to catch up with you if you have any extra questions.

Yes, you can apply to as many job vacancies as you like. The more interviews we can get you, the higher the chance of getting a job.

We have strict rules and follow GDPR - your CV will not be sent out without your permission.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our services - just ask our clients and candidates! We set clear next steps for every milestone of working with us and are happy to catch up with you if you have any extra questions.

Yes, you can apply to as many job vacancies as you like. The more interviews we can get you, the higher the chance of getting a job.

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