CSR Statement

Meet’s Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Meet is a global Life Sciences recruitment company. Our vision is to build a brilliant recruitment company that people love working for, working with, and want to shout about. Meet’s commitment to the values of quality, positivity, integrity, creativity and success are integral to our operational success and daily activities.

We want to live our values and adopt practices to ensure responsible behaviour to all stakeholders. As a high-growth business our values and practices reflect our awareness of our responsibility to our clients, candidates, industry, and environment.

Employees & Staff –

The success of our business is based on our people. We seek to recruit, retain and develop the best staff. We continually look to improve our staff through blended learning courses, coaching and through our training Academy. As an independent company our staff are given the freedom to be creative, work autonomously and make decisions which further personalises our commitment to building a sustainable company in which we can be proud.

At Meet we believe that operational excellence is closely tied to the health and wellness of our staff. We are committed to promoting healthy lifestyles through our office environment, work-life balance and our comprehensive benefits and wellness package. In doing so, we aim to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of our staff and the quality of service we offer.

Charity & Community -

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme, we have helped support various charities and continually seek to partner with local organisations. Working with charities is something that we whole-heartedly support. It reinforces our global vision of developing beneficial partnerships, and in turn builds the skills of our teams as we experience the personal rewards of making a difference to our community. In 2017 we globally participated in many fitness events to raise money for local charities. In our London office in 2018 we aim to organise fundraising events for Centrepoint – a charity that supports 9,200 homeless young people each year across the City and the rest of the UK.


Our environment is important to us! Across our offices we promote recycling, the use of sustainable products and environmentally-friendly decision making. We strive towards being predominantly paperless; we have invested heavily in cloud-based systems which allows us to better protect people’s data and privacy, collaborate globally, and make a stand towards protecting our environment.