Why is saying yes so hard?

Why is saying yes so hard?

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With this month’s full three day bank holiday spent doing nothing but surviving (by which I do not mean spending time with Bear Grylls), my weekend was completed by a Monday filled with the looming back-to-work rush and thoughts of why saying ‘No’ was just so easy.

In the lead up to bank holiday I had declined a range of invites, convincing myself that I was determined to truly relax and make the most of some ‘me’ time. With that in mind, besides some basic life admin I did close enough to nothing that it was embarrassing. Of course, coming to the end of it I felt no more wholesome or energised for the month ahead. With the realisation of it being the last bank holiday of the year, I knew I was destined to only regret the ‘No’s I had earlier given. People do it constantly and I am certainly a guilty party.

‘No’ is just too easy to say!

Nature and nurture has made us stick to safety and ‘No’ has become a safe word for all of us. We see it constantly in our office from candidates that get golden opportunities but are just not ready to take that leap of faith. What I realised from my weekend is that I have never regretted saying yes, even though I have made more than my fair share of awful ‘Yes’ decisions.

With Tuesday morning looming, I set about mentally turning over my metaphorical leaf. ‘Yes’ was going to be the word that defined my life even if I made some horrible judgement calls. Three weeks in I am doing my best to make the most of everything, so far I have been to my first comedy night, took a ferry to the Isle of Wight and I even spent one night stood in the rain watching the lightning. Changing my perspective has meant that I have started to make the most of every minute.

Step out of your comfort and stop regretting No, take your next opportunity. Yes isn’t as hard to say as you think it is!

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