Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Whether it’s driven by the ambition to further your career, the desire to be closer to family or friends, or a yearning to experience something new – the itch to explore new cities has seen the rise of employees’ relocating over the past decade. It’s certainly something we’ve seen at Meet!

Since 2015, when the New York launch team (based in London at the time) relocated to the Big Apple, we’ve supported several people who have moved across the US and the World to join us. As well as relocators to our offices in San Francisco and Chicago. 

But it’s not just within our own team where we have seen the trend. Equally, Meet have supported many candidates’ we worked with to relocate as well. From permanent roles in a new city to contract positions abroad, it’s clear the world’s workforce is more mobile than it’s ever been.

For international businesses, such as us, this mobility has expanded the talent pool and increased diversity. Additionally, these opportunities attract candidates with a global, multi-cultural outlook, advantageous to any global business. For Meet specifically, diversity is an important part of our inclusive culture and global mobility has, in part, facilitated the outstanding growth we’ve experienced over the last 3 years.

From an individual’s perspective, relocation opens up (literally) a world of opportunities; to develop new skills, gain new experiences and face different challenges. Getting out of your comfort zone allows you to grow, both personally and professionally, becoming independent and adaptable to change. For your employer, it shows a level of commitment to your career and also the wider success of the business. So ultimately, it’s an opportunity to accelerate your career.

But it isn’t for everyone. Global mobility also means increasingly companies are offering flexibility beyond the traditional expectation of permanent relocation. An option for those who are interested in trying overseas work without taking the full leap. We offer a “Meet Passport” for any members of the team with 4 or more years at the company. This gives them the option to spend a week in any of our offices! An opportunity to meet and work alongside their international colleagues, learn from them and experience what each city has to offer.  

Want hear more about the perks of working at Meet? We are currently hiring across all our offices. Get in touch with to find out more!

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