Our long weekend in Miami 2018 by Ben Dalzell

“One of the best weekends of my life”

Ben, the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing here at Meet was recently one of twelve Meet qualifiers who went on an all-expenses incentive break to Miami, he gives us the low down on the long weekend:

“The whole long weekend was a whirlwind and something I will never forget.”

 Along with the other qualifiers from our London office, I arrived in our luxurious Miami Beach hotel around 3pm local time excited for the weekend ahead. We were not wasting anytime and after dropping off our bags we headed straight to the pool to sip some ‘fancy’ cocktails with Miami Beach in the background.

Three rounds later, the rest of the qualifiers arrived from the New York office. They had some catching up to do! Then we headed to KYUmiami, one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in my life. There was a great atmosphere in the restaurant and unexpectedly, we were all obsessed with the tasty cauliflower dishes for the rest of the trip!

After dining on the finest food and an excessive amount of wine and cocktails we headed to a karaoke bar… there’s no better way to finish a night! I have to say there were some questionable performances, in particular Russell Smith!

After an actioned packed and hilarious first night, we all caught up on the gossip over a light breakfast by the pool; drinking bloody mary’s and mimosa’s. Then it was time to go to Edition Matador Room – this place was unbelievable! Inspired by 1950s glamour, it’s known for the imaginative menu by world-renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. It did not disappoint, the food was incredible; I went for the black truffle pizza and it was mouth-wateringly good. After Lunch, we walked along the glorious Miami Beach to our hotel where we relaxed by the pool in anticipation for the big event in the evening…LIV nightclub – one of the most famous nightclubs in Miami. 

Ludacris was headlining that night and the atmosphere was amazing, there was such a buzz in the crowd. I remember walking through the doors at LIV and being completely overwhelmed, the place was huge. We arrived to a private table full of beverages. But, our table wasn’t just anywhere - it looked over where Ludacris was performing, we had the best view in the house. It is by far the best club I’ve ever been to in my life.

After an incredible night at LIV we had a leisurely breakfast by the pool and then headed out on a ‘private tour’ with our own personal tour guide ‘Kev’. This is one of my personal highlights, it was so interesting to find out more around the history and culture of Miami, the artwork we saw was just incredible and gave me a lot of material for my tweets: @meet_ben. ‘Kev’ our tour guide, took us to various stops on the way including ‘Little Havana’. A great place to get a feel of the culture, listen to some music and in Banksy’s case enjoyed the dancing. After the guided tour of Miami we had our last night at Pau, another astounding venue, the golden unicorn shaped cocktail glasses will give you an idea of how outrageous it was!

How better to end an incredible holiday with a jet boat tour of Miami?! We all eagerly anticipated our ride (apart from Hannah Young who was expecting a leisurely boat trip around Miami). Soaked, windswept and giddy from flying around corners on the jet boat we then headed straight for our final brunch at Yardbird. The chicken here is unreal. Credit to Ali Shaw for ordering everything for us in advance he made some excellent choices.

This trip really was a holiday of a life time, I have so many funny stories and memories – a blog post isn’t enough to describe everything we experienced in Miami, but I hope this gives you a flavour of what #meetlife18 is all about. Roll on Rio.

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