New York team 'Tough Mudder' – Pajama Program Charity

We participated in a Tough Mudder as a way to raise money for one of our chosen charities the Pajama Program. The charity aspect was a great thing as we could give back to the community and bring joy by reading and spending time with underprivileged kids – this was the easy part. The harder part was how we were going to raise money by doing the Tough Mudder, 15km run through rough terrain, mud and taking on several different and difficult obstacles.

There was definitely a few nervous guys in the group on the day of the event (partly my fault after sending around a promotional video of what we were in for). The sun was also beating down and that only added to the difficulty of the event.

The first event got us stuck into mud and dirt straight away as we had to crawl under barb wire through a pit of mud and water! Although this set us up perfectly for what was about to come. While the obstacles were difficult, running through the forest equally had its tests, with myself, Rebekah and Laith all tripping over a log/vine while running.

On one of the obstacles we had to pair up and fireman carry your partner for about two hundred yards – seems easy right? Not when there was a few mismatches. Graham ‘didn’t know’ you to swap and Jon just carried the whole time – alright for some! As for myself I was partnered with Alastair, after I kindly carried him for the first part of run. We swapped over and about ten yards in Alastair, ‘accidentally’ flipped me straight off his shoulders and onto the forest floor! Exactly what you want from your partner……

There was definitely a few more bumps, bruises and laughs to come! The obstacles posed their difficulties but with some great team work we were able to smash past them, and I personally think we set an unofficial Tough Mudder record time for the Pyramid Climb, cleverly creating a human ladder between Laith, Alastair and I, so everyone else could use us to climb up the steep incline. Although it was then difficult for us to get up, and resulted in me running up and falling all the way back down while taking a few people out on my way… sorry.

The free beer at the end definitely was a big factor in motivating us to push through and complete the event, because what’s better than free beer?

Overall it was a great event for a fantastic cause and a big thank you to Meet who are matching the cost of our Tough Mudder tickets and giving it as a donation to our chosen charity. We can definitely say it was a great day out – some may disagree with that statement, but we are already looking at doing another one in October which will mean hopefully more guys from the office can get involved in this one.

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