My transition from a corporate environment to Meet - Lindsay Horgan, Senior Recruiter

I’ve been in recruitment for three years. It was my first role out of college, a profession I happened to fall into through a friend of a friend. Since then I’ve fallen in love with it! Through my experience I have come to realize there are major differences between large, corporate recruitment firms and smaller, niche agencies. This realization is what led me to join Meet last November.

My previous agency had a US headcount of about 450 people, with an even larger headcount across Europe and APAC. It had an excellent training program, uncapped commission, and offices in the biggest cities in the US.  Although Meet has a much smaller headcount, it’s also global agency with offices across the US and Europe with an amazing training program and uncapped commission.

However, there are stark differences from a personal, financial, and cultural perspective that ultimately drew me to Meet from a larger agency. Here’s what I’ve found moving from a corporate office to Meet:

  • Autonomy: I’ve found working for a smaller agency I’m given more flexibility. At the corporate firm I worked for, I felt like a number, only ever as good as my KPIs. There are benefits, it’s a very structured environment, which definitely works for some people. But being micro-managed isn’t for me! A culture where you are supported to run your own business is something that I was lacking in a big agency. I’m now involved in setting realistic targets and working the way I want. 
  • Clear professional growth: one of the motivating factors for me to leave a big agency was my career progression. My team had a flat structure and I wanted to be working towards management, so I felt stuck. We’ve promoted 39 people in the last year, as a growing business there is a great opportunity to develop my career quickly. Because smaller agencies are constantly growing their business, they are investing in their people to make it happen! 
  • Team cohesion: I loved working closely with people in the same market and brand as me at my previous company, but overall didn’t have much interaction with the wider business. Joining a growing business, I’ve found I’m more invested in my team. You are aware of the different roles your colleagues work, which candidate is being difficult, who is about to close a deal, or who just signed a new client. The support is electric – we bang on desks and cheer loudly, not just for deals but for every win.
  • Financial transparency: Some commission structures require a degree in Math or Statistics to fully comprehend. Many of the companies I’ve worked for or interviewed with in the past have had a very confusing structure. The best companies will have a commission structure which is clear and easily explained at the interview stage. I know I’m receiving the same commission splits as everyone else in my role. No hidden clauses, no hiding who is making what, it’s completely fair across the board. 

Overall, my move has been the best decision of my career so far. Everyone works differently, and you need to evaluate the environment you work best in. The autonomy, the culture, and the opportunity offered here versus a corporate make a world of difference for me. 

If you are interested in hearing more about Meet and what we can offer you, reach out to our TA team at or!


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