#MeetLifeAfterUni - Nick McCullough

Trying to decide whether to do a graduate scheme or get stuck into a role straight away? Why not ask someone who’s done both?

Nick McCullough is a recruiter from Meet’s London office, who works on the DACH team. He’s been at Meet for over a year and a half but, that’s not where Nick started his graduate career. After university, his first role was as a Graduate Duty Manager for a well-known British Supermarket.

The role was really varied, Nick was doing everything from resource management, line management, working with the senior leadership team and making sure everything runs smoothly. However, he wasn’t happy in the position – he was over worked and underpaid. “I was working weekends, every weekend in fact, obviously in retail you have to be in on a Saturday, as that is the busiest day, but I was working most Sundays too!”

“I’d been moved to a town where I didn’t know anyone but was consistently working 12-hour days, so I didn’t have a chance to socialise. My life was just work and home. It’s very different now.”

“Additionally, I didn’t get overtime for any of the extra work, or a pay rise when I officially qualified - at a certain point you’re effectively working for free.”

A year and half into the role, the frustrations drove Nick to start looking for new positions.

“What I was looking for is a job where I could earn relative to the amount of work I was doing and feel that my hard work was being rewarded. I have a friend who works in sales and he thought it would be a good move for me.”

Nick looked into sales and came across recruitment. As a people person, one of Nick’s greatest strengths is getting to know people and coupled with his degree in psychology, recruitment was a career move that made complete sense!

So, what made Nick choose Meet over any of our competitors or peers? Interestingly, Nick only interviewed with Meet; “The way Meet approached me really appealed. The message was ‘we want you to work hard but we will reward you for that’ – which was exactly what I was looking for.”

He came into to interview and was equally as impressed with how Meet sold themselves, getting a taste not only of how we work but also the social side of the company too, “On the day I came in to interview, everyone was going to Winter Wonderland - I thought that was pretty cool. Especially as the most exciting thing I’d done with my old colleagues was a Christmas party!”

After the interview, he was sure, “Having heard about the perks and the earning potential I was sold on Meet and didn’t need to look anywhere else.”

A year and a half later, is he still as sure about Meet? “Yes. The difference is incredible. Financially, I’ve earnt far more money than I would have done in my old job. Socially, I work with a great group of people, who are always up for doing something after work. Personally, I've been offered the opportunity to move abroad, it’s pretty unique.”

Nick’s had a busy time of it recently! A few weeks ago, the DACH team spent an afternoon relaxing in a roof top bar in the scorching sunshine after smashing their monthly target. This week he’s off to Coq d’Argent on Lunch Club (another roof top) and next week the team are off to Epsom Races!

“Since joining Meet I’ve been to the Michelin Star restaurant, the Ledbury and Sushi Samba – both incentives based on performance. You can’t do that kind of thing in another job.”

Interested in hearing more about the perks of working at Meet? Get in touch with careers@peoplewithchemistry.com - we're currently hiring!

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