Meet are attending Marketing Week Live 2018!

Our Senior Manager of Global Marketing, Ben and our new Digital Marketing Assistant, Georgie are excited to be heading to Marketing Week Live next week! Here are Georgie’s thoughts ahead of the event…

Marketing Week Live returns to Olympia this year on 7th and 8th March, myself and our Senior Marketing Manager Ben are already buzzing about the event! MWL is an opportunity to network with industry leaders and learn from unique campaigns. Having recently joined the marketing team at Meet it’s my first MWL and I’m hoping to come away with some new ideas and perspectives on our own campaigns and content strategy. 

MWL is also important to us as a recruitment business. At first glance Recruitment and Marketing may not seem to have a lot in common. However, as someone who has worked in recruitment and has now had a taste for marketing there are so many elements that are essential in both.

In our digital world, recruiters increasingly need to think and act as marketers. Candidate attraction for one has become more complex. People have much more choice available to them, all at the touch of a button, so recruiters need to think creatively about new or different channels to attract the best talent. On the flip side, there are now so many avenues to reach even passive candidates.  This now includes social media, content marketing, email, mobile, websites, SEO, blogs, referrals, personal branding and networking events.

One theme of Marketing Week Live last year was quality over creating ‘content for contents sake'. The focus was brands building trust and loyalty through meaningful and more personal content. Similarly, for a recruiter to build and maintain a relationship with candidates and clients they need to understand their audience and build a personal brand that will resonate with their audience. 

In recruitment it is essential to understand a candidate or clients’ needs, desires and decision-making process to successfully make a placement. Effectively you are gaining qualitative data from them. Again, lasts years MWL reflected on the rise of emotional data over metric data. A perspective reflective of a recruitment mentality.  

So in attending MWL next week we hope to not only be engaging in innovative ideas for our own brand but also gaining a perspective that can shape our marketing strategy across the business. 

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