Is there a better way to celebrate a record-breaking H1? - Ryan McGuinness

Last Friday, the NYC office spent the afternoon on a private yacht celebrating their record-breaking H1 performance! Ryan McGuinness, part of our Talent Acquisition Team, gives us the low down on what sounds like an epic afternoon:

Everything, from start to finish, was amazing. I could not have asked for a better way to end the week. Besides the delicious food and picture-perfect weather, the best part was that we were able to celebrate together as an office.

Due to the success we’ve had over the last few years, Meet is growing rapidly; in the last 2 months alone, we’ve had 4 graduates join the NYC team! Friday was a great opportunity to get out of the office setting (as well as away from our usual after work spot) and give the new starters a taste of the exciting incentives they’ll be working towards in the future.

NYC was given two targets for H1. If we hit the lower target, we would go for drinks on a swanky roof top. But, if we exceeded that and hit a higher target, we were chartering a private yacht! Here in NYC, we are all about smashing targets. So, in our minds, the rooftop wasn’t even an option - it was the yacht or nothing. With that mindset, we were able to achieve the higher target and then some.

Upon arrival, we were ushered onboard and greeted with champagne and tasty appetizers, starting the afternoon off in style. Our glamorous yacht had an open bar inside with a spacious outside deck where we all were able to soak up the sun and admire the amazing views that NYC as to offer.

From there, a few of the girls went to the front of the boat (where we got some fabulous Instagram pictures to say the least)! Some of the team were hanging out at the bar, taking a break from the sun and the boat rocking, whilst others were lounging out on the deck. No matter where you were on the boat, there was dancing, laughter, and a fun time had by all.

After relaxing, chatting and taking in the NYC skyline it was time for lunch. The boat had an indoor room downstairs where we were treated to a buffet style lunch and continued the party. After we ate, it was time to go back upstairs to the deck and enjoy the last few hours of the sun, open bar, and make our way past everyone’s favorite Statue of Liberty. After we docked, we were able to finish up our drinks and make a game plan for the rest of the evening.

For me, the best part of the day was being able to look around and see that no matter how long you’ve been a part of the business, everyone was engaged in celebrating in its success! We all had a great time; from those who just joined us weeks ago, to Gerry who works remotely, to Hannah and Ali (2 of our 3 founders) we were all together as one NYC office celebrating our massive wins.

It is safe to say that the H1 boat party was a tremendous success and was executed flawlessly. Having only been working for Meet for 7 months, I can say that I have never been in such a warm and welcoming environment where my work friends have turned into best friends and I am able to make memories in and out of the office. Its truly a blessing to be apart of a company who treats their people so well and prioritizes rewarding them for their hard work.

Here is to an even better H2 and the upcoming targets (and rewards) Meet has to offer - keep killing it NYC!

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