Is recruitment for everyone?

#ItsNotForEveryone - a daring statement for an internal recruitment campaign. But a truthful one. 

Meet’s latest IR campaign is a clever spin on recruitment; addressing its sometimes-negative reputation and simultaneously demonstrating all it has to offer! The inspiration, according to Meet’s Senior Manager for Marketing, was marmite. 

Marmite’s, 15-year-old, “Love it or Hate it” campaign is legendary. It embraces the truth; Marmite’s unique taste has divided the population for years. A genius concept that created a way for even Marmite haters to interact with the brand.

By no means do we think recruitment splits opinions so dramatically. But, the internal recruitment campaigns we were seeing in the industry were very one-sided. What we wanted to achieve was a campaign that would reflect our brand; something innovative but also honest. 

Obviously, we do think it’s the best job in the world. But our campaign is true to the fact that recruitment is not a job that everyone can or wants to do. The reality is, it’s hard work and an emotional roller-coaster at times (although isn’t that the case with many jobs?). Yet, many recruiters cannot imagine the same atmosphere, rewards or opportunity in any other industry. 

That’s why, in the UK alone, over 100,000 people are employed in the industry. The #ItsNotForEveryone campaign is a glimpse of the lifestyle recruitment can provide. Featuring imagery and quotations from the Meet team, it showcases the opportunities they've gained working here. We featured Ollie, who had his dream wedding and honeymoon. Sander, who’s been to various Michelin Star restaurants across London. And Ben, who was on the all expenses paid trip to Miami, thanks to Meet.  

Not only did the campaign give an insight into the lifestyle recruitment can offer but, it was also about the personal drivers our ambitious team have. Internally, these personal stories are very significant; our #purpleblood ethos is all about the “attitude and mindset that shapes our own exciting personal stories”. Because, we're all working towards different personal goals.

Over the years, we have recruited what we believe to be one of best, most talented teams around. A group of people that genuinely love what they do. With 50% head count growth year on year, we are constantly looking for more great people to join us, hence launching this campaign in the first place. But you need certain characteristics to be a successful recruiter, not just anyone can do it. What we're looking for is ambitious, committed people who are willing to work hard to achieve their personal goals and get the most out of their career.

Fundamentally, the purpose of the campaign was to create a conversation. We wanted to open a dialogue with people who are unsure about what recruitment has to offer and for experienced recruiters, it’s a reminder of why the recruitment industry is unlike any other.

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