Is it time to move on?

Millennials are gradually dominating the workplace and we’re continually debating how they’ll influence it in the future; from flexibility to leadership, or in this case…movement. Many would argue that they are much more comfortable moving jobs than any previous generation. However, according to the Economist, that’s not the case.

Taking the leap and looking for a new opportunity is still a tricky decision. Although, it takes 40-45% of people 2-3 different jobs/companies to find a good fit, once a millennial has found a great workplace they are 25 times more likely to plan a long-term future with that company.

Here at Meet many of the team have joined us from their second or third jobs and stayed with us ever since! We caught up with Senior Recruiter Guled to hear about his move to Meet and finding that culture fit…

To give you a bit of background, Guled has been working part-time since he was sixteen, gaining customer service and sales experience he found valuable in his recruitment career. He tells us, “Like many people, I fell into recruitment. After university I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, a friend of mine was working at a recruitment company in Milton Keynes; loving it and earning great money. He thought I had the right characteristics for the job and referred me.”

Guled’s first recruitment role was at an IT recruitment company where he started working in the permanent team and then moved on to sourcing contractors. Despite doing well, it wasn’t quite the right fit. He says, “When I was doing deals it was great but, I wasn’t excited about the company. It didn’t match my personality even though I enjoyed the job.”

There were other motivators too. Obviously, when looking for your second or third role, you’re a lot more aware of what you want. For Guled, he wanted to move to London, be in a less corporate environment and combine his sales experience with his Biomedical Science degree! So, the search for a new job began.

He interviewed with a few different Life Sciences recruitment companies and already had offers before his interview with Meet. “I thought there was no harm in speaking to one last company and straight from the off I got a good feeling about Meet.”

After meeting Paul (our CEO), Hannah (the COO) and then the team, he got an offer from Meet the same day and has been working here ever since.

Over his 4.5 years at Meet he’s seen the company grow massively. “It’s been amazing. When I joined, we were a team of 15 working out of a small office in Charlotte Street, London. When we moved to Euston Tower it was a huge step for the business. But we out grew it quickly. Now look at us, an international business with 4 offices and another launching later this year.”

Meet’s growth has been significant to Guled’s engagement in the business. He explains that, “It’s great to see people from HQ be heavily involved in Meet’s expansion. I’ve seen Laith (VP – New York) and Mike (VP – San Francisco), who we absolutely loved having in the UK, go and launch two offices. He believes that, not only does it keep our culture international and connect all of our offices but, “it also means someone new to the business can see their progression and think to themselves ‘I could potentially be leading that growth in the future’.”

Guled’s also stayed at Meet for almost 5 years because of culture and the environment, “I worked in a small corporate office. When you have experience working in a very different environment you can appreciate the atmosphere, location and the social aspects at Meet.”

He thinks that sometimes we take the culture here for granted, “Think about it - right now, we’re sitting outside amazing offices. The gym is around the corner; it’s discounted, and you can go at Lunch. We’ve got facilities, so you can cycle to work and shower if you want to. Or out in Bank or Shoreditch in the evening. There are so many perks that we don’t necessarily recognise.”

And those that we do recognise...“Let’s say you have a great quarter; you get on breakfast club, hit a lunch club. Then let’s say your team have a great one too; you’re off on a team incentive. Then the company hit their target and the whole company are going on an incentive. When you’re on roll. It’s like nothing else.”

Gu’s advice to someone who is enjoying recruitment but not sure about the environment like he was: “choose the right company and the right team”. He says, “Recruitment is very similar across different industries, what makes the difference to the job is the environment you’re working in. Ask yourself, how does this company interact with their clients and candidates? What’s their reputation? And how do the consultants interact? If people are genuinely getting on, it must be a good place to work.”

Do you think you’re still looking for that perfect culture fit? Is it time to move on? We’re currently hiring! If you’re an experienced recruiter or have a background in sales we’d love to chat! Get in touch with

*Figures from the Economist, 2017 and Reed, 2016.

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