Insights into 2017 in the German Biotechnology market - the record breaking year!

Insights into 2017 in the German Biotechnology market - the record breaking year!

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2017 was a record breaking year for Biotechnology companies in Germany, after analysing and comparing our placement history with BIO COM’s annual survey we want to share the following overview of the German market last year! What will 2018 hold?

Over the last 10 years the German biotechnology industry has seen steady and sustained growth, firmly establishing itself as the European hub for Life Sciences. In 2017 the number of dedicated biotechnology companies reached a total of 623, the highest in Europe. Investment and world-class research facilities continue to drive the growth of the sector.

According to BIO COM, investment in German biotech firms hit a record high in 2017 of €674 million, a third higher than 2016, where total investment was €505 million. The majority of companies predict R&D spending will continue to increase in 2018 and consequentially hiring will ramp up. It’s not a surprise the Germany has been attracting the best talent across Europe.

Employment also hit a record high with approximately 25,000 professionals in permanent employment in the industry. The market was very dynamic, most of the movement was generated by middle-sized companies expanding into later stages of development, but we also saw an increase in start-up and established companies hiring.

Our analysis at Meet echo the industry trends. In 2017 42% of our placements in Germany were with new clients, reflecting the growth seen in the industry. From what we have seen so far in 2018, hiring is still increasing. It is set to be another record breaking year for the Germany Biotechnology market and with our Berlin office launching later this year we’re excited to be a part of the buzz.

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