Happy 2nd Birthday to our San Francisco Office!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our San Francisco Office!

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Two years ago, Mike Newman (now Vice-President), launched the San Francisco office!

Entirely on his own (well, for the first week until our COO Hannah joined him), Mike had no clients and no database – he was starting from scratch! However, by the end of the first month there were 3 people in the tiny WeWork office, raring to dive into the Life Sciences market on the West Coast.

As one of the top Life Sciences markets in the US, the opportunity in this space was unmissable. In the last 10 years employment has grown by 54%, the highest of any region in the country. What recruitment company wouldn’t be taking advantage of working in this space?

Having had an impressive start in the lucrative Life Sciences sector, the team diversified into Medical Devices with the addition of Whitney Hood, division director, in 2017. Whitney has since grown her team to 6 and they are beginning to dominate the R&D, Clinical and Quality sectors.

On their 2nd Birthday, the office is 15-strong, and their growth is accelerating!

Although there is a familiar culture that runs through all of Meet’s global offices, like-minded people who live by our values to make the business a success. The close-knit team in San Francisco have built their own unique atmosphere. 


Being the longest serving Meet employee; having spent time working in the London office and visited the New York office, I can definitely say we’ve got the culture spot on.  Any of our team could walk into London HQ and feel at home. Where I feel we are unique is bucking the perception that San Francisco is laid back...the city might be, but our team isn’t. The growth we're seeing and the reason we continue to grow is down to the talent we are seeing at the graduate levels. Mike Newman, VP 

Only two years into their story the team have had huge success in building Meet’s West Coast market, nevertheless, there’s still huge growth potential! Not only are they moving to a new 30-person office on Monday. But, the success is impacting the career of every member of the team. There have been 5 promotions in the last 12 months in SF and it’s clear there is an opportunity for everyone to autonomously grow and diversify each of their markets. The high energy, hardworking team are definitely up for the challenge.


Wow, we launched Meet’s San Francisco business just two years ago, and like any new launch it’s been a challenging and exciting journey.  Mike, Sean and Whitney have built a brilliant team, embracing the West Coast culture and created a business that has an incredibly exciting future, fuelled by an ever-expanding portfolio of clients and our new office opening next week.  Congratulations, another milestone hit! Paul McGuire, CEO

From all of us here at Meet, we wish our San Francisco colleagues a very Happy 2nd Birthday!

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