"First impressions count!" - Eduard Raudonis, Senior Team Leader, DACH

"First impressions count!" - Eduard Raudonis, Senior Team Leader, DACH

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At 19, the Senior Team Leader of the DACH region, Eddie, knew nothing about recruitment. Having moved to the UK to study Events Management at university, his career started in hospitality.  However, a few years later, fed-up of the long hours and low pay, he decided something needed to change.

It was at this point a ‘rec to rec’ found Eddie’s CV, “he saw that I speak several languages and had a sales ability from my experience in hospitality. We had a quick call and he asked me to come to London.”

Eddie’s first interview was with the company he worked for prior to Meet, he clearly impressed…“They made an offer straight away and that is how I got into recruitment.”

Although it’s not a career he was aware of as a graduate, Eddie thinks graduate recruitment is a fantastic opportunity, “There are so many talented people straight out of university; people who want to earn money and want to be in control of their career. Companies like Meet are attracting graduates now and it’s a great move for them; but that’s not my story”.

So, what is Eddie’s story of joining Meet? Well, he worked for his previous company for almost 4 years, changed markets several times and progressed from a trainee to a team leader. Attending various lunch clubs and qualifying for the top biller trip during that time. Nevertheless, “There’s a point where you realise you’re not learning anything new, you lose the spark and then you question whether the grass is greener elsewhere.”

Working for a competitor at the time, Eddie was aware of Meet, “People speak highly of Meet in the market, especially amongst experienced recruiters”. And so, Meet was the only company Eddie spoke to, “It was a strategic move, I didn’t look anywhere else. I was thinking about it for months and months before I met Tom (the Associate Director) and Paul (our CEO).”

Having 4 years’ experience of the industry, he knew what he was looking for in a new role, “I knew I didn’t want to be in a very salesy environment, I was looking for a company that was international with a clear growth plan and additionally, somewhere privately owned. With these criteria, Meet was the number 1 by far.

After meeting with Paul and Tom, he knew it was the perfect move for him. 6 months later, what are Eddie’s thoughts? “It’s only been 6 months but, first impressions count. I have to say, it’s not easy to move to a new company and embrace a new culture or team. That was mentally quite hard for me, especially when I was so comfortable before. But the people at Meet have been genuinely nice and welcoming.

I had goals when I joined, I knew what I wanted to achieve. But, the only a pressure has been the pressure I put on myself. Obviously, you have to work hard, and you have to work smart. But, if you’ve got all the tools which we have here you can be a success. It’s been great so far.”

Modestly, he says he’s lucky to have exceeded the expectation of the Senior Team. “I started a new market and I was fortunate that it clicked. That success lead me to be offered a bigger role, taking on responsibility of the DACH team and the upcoming relocation of that team to Berlin.”

In his short time at Meet, Eddie has already qualified for various incentives, including, the biggest incentive of the year; an all-expenses paid trip to Rio de Janeiro (he was the first qualifier in our European team)! “I’ve had a few wins. Hitting the Rio incentive was unexpected, it’s pretty cool!” Tomorrow, he’s off on breakfast club with the team, “I’m really looking forward to that, it’s not something I’ve done before. It’s all about having breakfast in a unique place that you wouldn’t normally go to.”

“I’ve also been on two Lunch clubs already, the one a few weeks ago was absolutely tremendous. I’ve been on various lunch clubs in the past, but I have to say the group here is great, they’re so much fun. Our Germany team also hit the Epsom incentive, so last Thursday our director took us for a cheeky lunch at Sushi Samba and then we spent the evening at Epsom races”.

Last month he also hit a new 2018 incentive and will be awarded an apple watch…“that kind of incentive is not something I’ve experienced before. It drives you to work harder and smarter, when you know the work you’re doing will be rewarded”.

“I’ve only been in the business for 6 months and there is so much on offer, even in such a short period of time. It wasn’t expected, but I feel really fortunate to be getting this kind of recognition.”

Eddie is looking forward his future at Meet, particularly the international opportunities, “moving to Berlin is a great opportunity for me and my family, as well as the rest of the team, to experience a new city in Europe and set up the business from scratch there. This kind of opportunity is rare, and I feel privileged that the directors have that belief in me”. 

“Meet have experienced a lot of growth, opening offices in San Fran and Chicago in the last few years. We want to use this acceleration to establish ourselves as a leader in Life Sciences Recruitment in the DACH region. Between you and me, I know this is not the end, no doubt with our values and our unique approach we will be a successful business wherever we grow globally.”

The DACH team continues to grow under Eddie’s leadership and we are currently hiring! If you’re interested in what that opportunity could look like for you, get in touch: careers@peoplewithchemistry.com.


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