What's it like recruiting into Healthcare Communications?

What's it like recruiting into Healthcare Communications?

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James, our Internal Recruiter in London is currently recruiting for Meet's Healthcare Communications team. To find out more about the market he caught up with Hannah Donaldson, Meet's COO and Rebekah Hill, Senior Division Manager to hear about all Healthcare Communications has to offer.

Whether you’re recruiting into Oil and Gas, Technology, Finance or the Life Sciences many aspects of your day to day job will be the same. However, each industry offers a different culture with unique challenges and rewards. Which is why, finding a market that inspires you and compliments your personality is so important.

Luckily, I'm currently looking for a Team Leader for one of the most interesting and dynamic markets we work in at Meet...Healthcare Communications.

Divided into three distinct sectors, Medical Communications/Education, Healthcare Advertising and PR, Healthcare Communications is all about educating and marketing pharmaceutical products to consumers and stakeholders in the Life Sciences industry.

Healthcare Communications professionals are behind some of the most creative, clever and innovative campaigns that raise awareness about deadly diseases and life saving treatments. Can you think of more interesting people to be speaking to every day?

So, what’s it really like recruiting into this fascinating market at Meet?

It involves a huge amount of warm client management, great people and fascinating work. You’ll not only make business contacts but also friends doing your job. It's all about networking, build relationships, your brand and maintaining our reputation in the space. - Hannah Donaldson, COO

Medical Communications was the foundation of the business when Meet launched back in 2009. Over the last nine years we have established strong relationships with the best agencies in the industry. Those relationships mean that we can offer our candidates the most exciting roles and a real insight into each agency's culture (we know them well after such a long time)!

Healthcare Communications UK was the very first team I built at Meet and it remains to be a corner stone of our business, and some would say my first baby! We are truly an industry leader in the space and the only recruitment company that offers a global network, as the UK works in combination with our Healthcare Communications group covering the USA based out of New York.  - Hannah

Working in Medical Communications has not only spearheaded Meet’s growth but, the booming market has also given the team a great platform to drive their careers. Rebekah Hill, the Senior Division Manager for Healthcare Communications in New York, started working in the market 6 years ago when she joined Meet as a graduate. In 2015, she was part of the New York launch team and has since progressed to lead the Healthcare Communications team across the US.

The market is booming and certainly keeps you busy, which, for any Recruiter is the ideal scenario. Additionally, there has always been a high demand for talent across all of our clients. I’ve worked in the Healthcare Communications market for 6 years, it's this space that has allowed me to reach my potential and progress my career to where I am today. I would recommend this industry to anyone.  - Rebekah Hill, Senior Division Manager

The day to day of recruiting into Healthcare Communications is quite unique too. It's a creative industry full of very engaging professionals. Understanding what drives them involves immersing yourself in the industry culture; from interacting with a variety of candidates, attending awards and becoming a well-known face at networking events to meeting clients in some of the coolest office spaces London has to offer.

I thoroughly enjoy being immersed in the Medical Communications industry for many reasons but what I enjoy the most, is that it blends two very different things together, the science and the creativity! Working with Art Director’s one day and then Medical Director’s the next, means that no two days are the same!  - Rebekah

We have a great, high performing team to work with here in London and money to be made in this non-stop industry. The significance of Healthcare Communications in the Life Sciences sector is only growing; as it does, so will our team. The potential of this market is endless. 

Do you think you've got what it takes to lead Meet's Healthcare Communications team in London? Get in touch with james@peoplewithchemistry.com to hear more about what we're looking for from our future leader!

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