My first month at Meet

My first month at Meet

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Let me first introduce myself. My name is Aine, 26 and happy employee at Meet. I grew up bilingual in Russia and Germany and now in the process of conquering England. After graduating in Business Administrations I still had no idea what to do with my life and add a Master in Marketing to that. Now fully equipped with knowledge, wisdom and student loans I was ready to kick-start my career.

What were you doing before you joined Meet?

Studying, doing several internships in Germany, South Korea and Spain and studying again. Then I worked 3 months in another recruitment company specializing in SAP contracts in Europe.

Why did you choose a career in recruitment?

I like people, I like talking and yes I also like to persuade someone of my views. During my studies I really enjoyed sales, but did not want to go out in the world, sell useless things and move on. I wanted to build relationships, communicate with different people form variety of backgrounds and contribute to the development of the economy (I still believe that people are the main driver of any progress).

What made you join Meet?

As I mentioned above, I worked first in another recruitment company. Not the best decision of my life. The company was a good example of “Cowboy” recruitment and made me hate every day I went there. However the good thing is that I still enjoyed the concept, but needed a company where I can progress (and yes earn big cash J) while being in a friendly and creative environment. That is why then I started again searching for a new company I was very careful. I did my research: company website, LinkedIn, references and used the interviews to ask as many questions as possible.

From the first interview with Paul I got a feeling that Meet is the right type of company for me. I got explained a lot about companies’ culture, the people and the clients. I felt that the first interview was about me finding out if the company is the right fit for me, not the opposite. Paul explained me that Meet has a “start-upy” atmosphere and looked like a fancier version of Steve Jobs. The second interview with Hannah was more about me and my motivations and again it was not a typical interview with ordinary questions. The last stage was the work sample and that was the convincing part for me. My current team leader Nick showed me the office, introduced me to the colleagues and showed me the way they work. I felt very trusted and liked the transparent approach. After this meeting I was sure I want to work at Meet.

How’s it been so far?

Closed my first deal, getting every day more comfortable about the market, starting to build relationships and talking to people in both English and German – short, it’s great!

The hardest part?

It takes time to understand the market and the best way is learning by doing, but that can be challenging. Becoming confident enough to be able to persuade people takes its time as well. I was really scared in my first calls and secretly hoped nobody would pick up.

The best part?

Deals of course. And the people. The environment is very supportive, energetic and fun. There is always music playing, people joking and deals made. You are given the freedom to develop in the speed you need while nobody looks over your shoulder to see what you are doing (Still remember from school how much I hated then teacher did it during tests). Additional training is always available on request and you feel comfortable enough not ask twice if you haven’t understand something. I can tell from previous experience it is not a matter of course.

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