My first 8 months at Meet New York - Ryan Dunphy

My first 8 months at Meet New York - Ryan Dunphy

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The end of May will mark 8 months since I started my first day at Meet, and my time here has been well worth writing (or blogging) about!  As a Division I athlete studying healthcare, a competitive environment within the healthcare communications industry looked to be a seamless fit. I was one of the first two Americans hired, ready to join the 4-person launch team from London and start my career as a recruiter! Much to my surprise, the recruitment learning curve was steeper than I originally expected…. but I was up for the challenge! Matching the industry, my training and development have been very fast paced and very rewarding.

Equally as abrupt has been the merging cultures from an all British launch team, and their two new additions from New Jersey. Similar to my progress as a recruiter, I quickly picked up aspects such as dialect and humor (so much so my American friends are starting to notice…), but I still have a lot to learn! The overall welcoming culture at Meet is what made the transition so effortless. Since joining, we have also added new members from Scotland, Australia and Zimbabwe to our US team! The blending dynamics take some getting used to, but nonetheless we have naturally integrated into one high-performance team and all enjoy working together.

In less than a year’s time, my role at Meet has taught me much more, both socially and career-wise, than I could’ve ever anticipated as a recent graduate entering my first job. On a daily basis, I continue to gain a thorough understanding of the market, develop my sales skills as a recruiter, and build my network within the industry. While my background always had me inclined towards a recruitment-type career, Meet has given me the right environment to thrive at it. With an extremely motivated, supportive and welcoming workplace, the amount of success achievable is limitless. Combine that with a buoyant market and there is no better time or place to be a recruiter! 

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