My experience as the first NYC Life Sciences Resourcer

As a recent graduate from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, I have been granted the opportunity to start my recruitment career here at Meet Recruitment. I envisioned myself to be employed in a company that had a small tight-knit team feel, based in the “glamorous” NYC, with a dynamic and growing team that is hard working and successful - and all in all, that's Meet in nutshell!

I spoke with Alastair, one of the founders of Meet, at the career fair, who also happened to be my mentor during my beginning months as a Resourcer. Being an expert and great role model in the Life Sciences recruitment space, he has provided me with the proper training to have a positive and successful start to my career. I see a lot of opportunity here at Meet where I can grow professionally, as well as personally. I came into this entry level position with zero recruitment experience, and I'm learning more and more every day. 

As a Resourcer, I started out getting familiar with the database, programs, and excel sheets that we use to generate candidates for live jobs. I remember getting so confused by which candidate I already added, which ones I already sent an introduction email to, etc. Since I’ve started back in June, I’m proud to say that I’ve grasped the responsibilities as a Resourcer, added over 2k candidates, and engaged with more than three quarters of them. As I progressed, I took step by steps in implementing that “360 approach” in a consultant.

In September, I did my first deal with a new client of ours. I went through the process of sending my head hunt email, following up the on the next week after no response, then screening my candidate. After informing her on the client we were working with and the role, she was happy to be submitted. There was a long process of interviews, and a month later, she happily accepted the offer! Doing my first deal reminded me almost of an emotional rollercoaster. I remember feeling uncertain one minute, then excited the next. But after my candidate accepted the offer, it was such a rewarding feeling.

During my time as a Resourcer, I met with a few of our big clients within the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area, as well as met with the candidate who I placed. It was nice to be able to build a closer relationship with her and check on how she was enjoying her new role. I’m glad I gained this exposure because I found it very informative to experience this in person versus listening over the phone.

Overall, my experience here at Meet has been very positive and rewarding, everyone here is welcoming and open. There’s a clear road map of how to train new employees, and asking for help is always welcomed. Most importantly, there’s a strong team spirit and encouraging environment, I’m very grateful to have started my career here and look forwards to years to come!

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