"Have you got an appetite for more?" - James O'Connor

"Have you got an appetite for more?" - James O'Connor

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How do you start off your working week? Here in Meet’s London office we order in breakfast! A nice way to catch up over a coffee and a croissant. Today, we’re chatting with James O’Connor, Meet’s new Internal Recruiter for the European team.

Based in HQ, it’s James’ job to find the very best talent to support the growth of the London office and Meet’s expansion into Germany later this year. He’s certainly had a great start…In his short time leading London’s internal hiring he’s already brought on 3 new starters! All ambitious graduates, who want to utilise their work-ethic and competitiveness in a career where they can be successful very quickly.

Speaking to graduates on a daily basis, James has a good idea of what a they’re looking for. He says, “what todays graduates want is a culture that supports their professional growth, an environment where they feel part of a team and a space where they have the freedom to work autonomously. Although money is still important, it’s not all about financial rewards.”

When James’ graduated 7 years ago, he was on a low wage, working absolutely crazy hours: “I wish I’d been told about recruitment sooner. I don’t think many people are aware of the industry before university. But, if you’re a graduate that has a desire to grow, progress into leadership positions, to afford an exciting life-style and to potentially travel, then recruitment is an opportunity you should be looking into.”

However, it’s not just a career for graduates, many of the people who work at Meet have had previous jobs in different industries. What concerns James is, “Some people don’t consider recruitment because they don’t think they have the right skillset.”  

James comes from a ‘soft selling’ background, having worked in hospitality before moving into recruitment. As someone who is energetic, positive, incredibly hard-working and a good listener he had a valuable set of transferable skills for the job. What he’s looking for are people with a similar drive who want to push themselves to do something new.

The ideal candidate is someone, “Ambitious, who is a high achiever and can demonstrate a good work-ethic. Whether that’s working part-time through university or even before. Fundamentally, we want people who appreciate where hard work can get you and have an appetite for more.”

“Being goal orientated is also important. We appreciate Recruitment, like many jobs, has its challenges. Having clear goals allows you to focus, stay motivated and ultimately achieve those goals, professional or personal.”

“Finally, communication is key. Being able to listen, empathise but also be persuasive – that’s all about having good interpersonal skills.”

Those are key for recruitment, but what makes someone a ‘Meet’ person? According to James’, “There isn’t typical profile. If you look at the variety of people who work at Meet, we all have very different personalities, come from all walks of life and joined at different stages in our careers. At the core what unites us is a burning ambition to succeed. We’re good people; who want to be great at recruitment.”

James is confident in the training and support provided at Meet and the vision of the company. He finds it easy to sell the culture to prospective candidates, “I feel incredibly lucky to be able to speak to people about working at Meet, it’s a business where you feel engaged in its development and your part in that growth. It’s a space where you don’t have to be the loudest person in the room for people to recognise your success.”

What really gets James excited about his new role is the opportunity to bring in talented, motivated individuals into the business and watch them succeed. He says, "For me, seeing new people come into the business and really enjoy what they’re doing day to day, living and breathing the values and achieving their goals is hugely motivating. It's something I get a lot of satisfaction from."

Interested in hearing more about working at Meet and why we love (it's not just the Monday morning breakfast)? Get in touch with James, james@peoplewithchemistry.com, to hear more about what your career at Meet could look like.

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