Graduate to Team Leader - My Meet Story by Paul Banks

Paul Banks, Team Leader, UK Healthcare Communications, joined meet as a graduate in 2014! Since then he’s won the Christmas values award (voted by his peers) two years running and been on various incentives…Here’s his Meet story!

When I joined Meet back in 2014 I was a fresh graduate, living in London for the first time. I had debts from university and was eating chicken mayo sandwiches for lunch every day (to spend as little as possible) – three years later a lot has changed for me and the business!

Honestly, I didn’t have the smoothest start to my recruitment career. My initial 3 offers were rejected, and I watched colleagues who joined the business after me get promoted first. It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re not seeing immediate results from your hard work. But, with the help of ongoing, personalised training and the support offered by the team I persevered. My manager at the time, Laith, told me that in the long run, if I learnt from the challenges, they would make me a better recruiter. I did learn and 5 months after joining Meet I did my first deal!

At this point, I was part of the US Healthcare Communications team. Meet only had a London office at this point but we were preparing to launch a New York office – now we’ve got two more offices in San Francisco and Chicago.

After the launch team left for NY I transitioned on to UK Healthcare Communications, 3 promotions later I’m a Team Leader. Meet’s exponetial growth gave me the opportunity to progress my career quickly and the booming, dynamic Healthcare Communications market means that my team continues to grow! Now a big part of my role involves supporting new graduates in their own recruitment careers as my mentor supported me.

As a business, Meet has a people-centric culture, which is different from many of our competitors. The Healthcare Comms team has an equally unique culture. We are a close knit, hard-working group who all celebrate each others wins. Last year two graduates on the team were promoted within 6 months of joining the business and I think the team culture is a big part of that success - everyone in my team goes above and beyond to help new starters settle in. The team culture also contributes to the great relationships we've built with our clients; we are a trusted and recognised name in the industry.

Along with my career, my lifestyle has transformed over the last few years. In 2017, I went on holiday to Dubai and Thailand; in any normal job it would have been really tough to afford two incredible holidays in 6 months. The adventure didn’t stop there, I’ve also been on numerous Lunch Clubs and qualified for both the Ibiza and Miami incentives. Having been on these amazing trips I'm hungry to travel more and keep hitting these great incentives!

However, I wasn’t considering recruitment when I graduated. As a graduate you naturally look for a job that is related to your degree. I thought I had to do something that focused on Maths. Maths is a process, if you work hard and follow the process you will be successful. I realised recruitment is very similar.

Recruitment is such a broad industry but it’s relatable to almost any degree. Whether you’ve studied geography, biology, English or Maths you will be utilising aspects of your degree and most importantly your ability to learn – Meet’s training will cover the rest.

As long as you’re hard working and motivated you will succeed here.

Paul is now taking the next step in his career and relocating to New York to join our US Comms team! So, that means we’re hiring in the UK! If you’re an ambitious Lead Recruiter or Team Leader interested in working for a people focused company, leading a committed team, then get in touch with

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