EMWA, Vienna 2019 - Networking Differently...

With over 440 Medical Writers and representatives across Healthcare Communications, Life Sciences and Medical Devices, the 48th EMWA conference was the largest to date! It was also the first time Meet have attended the event. Two members of our dedicated Medical Writing team, Nick Rigden and Ben Chitty, spent the week in Vienna catching up with current clients and meeting some new faces! Here are Nick’s thoughts on his week in Vienna…

Having previously only attended much larger events, going to a conference of this size (circa 400 delegates) was a first for me! The start of the week was met with the usual excitement to catch up with candidates/clients and meet new people, however this was shared with a curiosity of what a smaller more specialist conference would entail.

 In short, what a fantastic week! 

Every successful conference is a mixture of content and connection; where delegates enrich both their industry knowledge and their networks. EMWA have developed a conference that strikes the perfect balance between the two! 

Delegates can attend workshops, talks and seminars to expand their skillset; enjoy well organised networking sessions spread throughout the day; and take part in a range of social activities, including events held each evening.

The networking sessions, where all of the delegates return to the main exhibiting area, were particularly valuable for Ben and I, as it gave us the opportunity to meet up with our contacts, many of whom we’ve not met face-to-face before. It’s no secret that building strong relationships is at the heart of what we do in recruitment, so having the opportunity to connect with people in this kind of relaxed environment is invaluable (definitely compared to speaking over the phone or email).

With 52 training workshops (ranging from a foundation level through to advanced), 5 expert seminars, multiple presentations, a symposium and a dedicated forum on freelancing there was something for everyone, whether you’re looking to become a medical writer or are already an expert in the field. 

As a smaller conference focused solely on Medical Writing (a quite niche industry), EMWA has developed an atmosphere that’s open and friendly – ideal for socialising and networking. This was demonstrated each morning as people shook off their morning haze by sharing stories of the night before; chatting about the social activities including dinners, city tours and karaoke. Personally, Ben and I loved the electric scooters scattered around the city (I wish we had these in London) so took the chance to tell anyone who would listen about the self-guided city tours you can take using them.

The difficulties I’ve faced attending other larger conferences, like navigating a sea of people to find the relevant ones, were gone. Everyone who attends is genuinely passionate and engaged in the Medical Writing industry and interested in the topics on the agenda; from discussions about the future of publishing, writing CSRs, RMPs and PSURs to the medical device landscape and the complex world of regulatory submissions.

With a great week behind us and more positive outcomes than we could have imagined, I am already looking forward to getting the chance to see everyone again at the next summer conference!

If you’d like to hear more about the industry from our dedicated Medical Writing team or are interested in exploring the current vacancies they’re working on then get in touch with nicholas@peoplewithchemistry.com or ben.chitty@peoplewithchemistry.com.

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