Can moving markets transform your recruitment career?

Can moving markets transform your recruitment career?

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Taking the leap and moving markets as a recruiter is a daunting prospect. Whether you’re starting a new job in a new company or have made a move internally, it’s a risk. You’re saying goodbye to a stable network built up over years, goodbye to your market knowledge and goodbye to your understanding of hiring trends. 

There will always be a moment when you question yourself; can I do this? Nevertheless, taking on a new challenge is incredibly rewarding and can have a big impact on your career progression.

Jared, a Senior Recruiter in Meet’s New York office has recently taken on that challenge; moving from Meet’s Medical Communications team to drive a new area within the Life Sciences division.

He joined Meet 3 years ago, alongside Ryan another Senior Recruiter. They were the first US hires into the New York office which had launched just a few months before. Jared tells us, “It was just 4 people when we started. Ryan and I have seen it grow from the start, which is pretty incredible.”

New York’s headcount is now in the thirties – impressive growth in just 3 years. The team of 6 were obviously very tight knit. But, Jared loves how the culture has grown, what we have now is people with different identities and different personalities; that makes for a great environment.”

Most of the hires we made early on were people with no recruitment experience. Bringing them up to speed and seeing their development is the most exciting thing about working in a company this size.”

Meet’s rapid growth in the US has created opportunities for both the business and each individual desk.  When the New York office Launched, the largest team was Healthcare Communications; as the most established part of the business it very quickly dominated the market. But since then the Life Sciences division has grown.”

Being part of the Healthcare Communication team propelled Jared’s career, I started as a resourcer and was promoted to recruiter in 3 months. We came into a hot market and hit the ground running. It was full on, but I was able to move up the ladder quickly to Senior Recruiter. Now it’s about taking the next steps.”

Jared’s ambition has always been to manage a team. Due to their enormous success over the last few years, the Life Sciences division is growing exponentially. For Jared, “It made sense to break into that industry and do something different at this stage in my career.” Giving him the opportunity to grow out a new area and team.

“Meet promotes career growth. There’s a lot of different avenues you can go down that aren’t offered in a larger or more corporate setting. The first thing I was asked when thinking about my next steps was, ‘what do you want to do’? I don’t think that would happen in many agencies, or many companies for that matter!

The career progression and flexibility offered by Meet were the main reasons he joined the company in the first place, “I liked the idea of working in a start-up environment and the growth potential. I’m an embodiment of that growth.”

Jared is now recruiting for Clinical Operations positions in Boston which isn’t an established Market at Meet. Although we’ve had success within Regulatory Affairs and Medical Affairs in this region there has never been a dedicated team working in Clinical Operations. Jared only sees this as a positive, “There’s a lot to go at and a lot of room to grow.”

“It’s definitely going to be my biggest challenge yet, I know that for sure. I’m taking on something new that hasn’t previously been done by Meet. I’m excited!”

“Boston is such a great market, it’s a hub for biotech and biopharmas alike. Small, 20-30 person, companies that are growing rapidly and coming up with game changing therapies. It’s an exciting area. There’s no shortage of opportunity.”

His strategy is to tap into our existing client base in the area, leveraging the success Meet has had in other verticals, “It’s always good to go into something new with a bit of backup.”

This is a huge opportunity for Jared, but also for Meet, “I think as we become more specialized, the more growth we’re going to see. There are so many hubs in the pharmaceutical industry throughout the US – there’s potential to grow anywhere. We’ve seen that with the launch of San Francisco and Chicago.”

“It’s great to see what we have achieved, but also what is possible. There’s a lot of opportunity to make a lot of money which is why we stay in this industry. But there’s also an opportunity to build a career. You can see examples of that throughout Meet.”

“We’ll see where we go from here.”

Jared has seen an opportunity to drive his career forward moving into a new market. Not all companies offer the same flexibility.  Do you feel like you’re getting the opportunity to grow your career in your current company? Is it time to make your own move?

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