A U.S. point of view - Working at Meet

A U.S. point of view - Working at Meet

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Meet are a global staffing firm and as such we have a diverse group of people from all different nationalities and backgrounds.  Here in our Manhattan office we have a combination of diverse backgrounds including British, Australian, Scottish, Zimbabwean, and of course American. As one of the first U.S. hires, it has been pretty interesting being an American at Meet.  Besides getting used to a new accent, there were certainly some adjustments that had to be made when I first got here.  For one, the word “keen” became a main staple in my vocabulary in and out of work after about one week.  Also, you learn that as an American our chocolate has nothing on what’s over in the UK.  Lastly if you don’t understand soccer, I’m sorry “football,” you better learn pretty quickly!


As an American at Meet, it easy to become an expert on what life is like in the UK.  Whether it is heading to The Shakespeare in midtown for a Scotch Egg, Fish & Chips, and some Sticky Toffee Pudding or having a mince pie at Christmas there is always something new to try.  For as many new things that I’ve been introduced to, it has been great introducing my colleagues to the American lifestyle.  Whether it’s learning that you need to overindulge yourself on Thanksgiving, wondering why we take the day off on Columbus Day, or taking the team to their first college basketball game, it has been a worthwhile experience!


As our team and agency has grown, the more diverse we have become and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Despite our cultural differences, this is the best choice I could have made in my young career.  Joining a phenomenal and growing team at an agency on a very exciting journey to become the best recruitment firm in Manhattan!  

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