1 month at Meet - a graduate’s thoughts and first impressions! - Josephine Watson

1 month at Meet - a graduate’s thoughts and first impressions! - Josephine Watson

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  When I started my job search within recruitment, it suffices to say I was anxious. I’d heard a lot of different things about the industry, and went in with the mindset that I was only going to join somewhere unique and able to combine personality with professionalism, instead of an office where I had to sit in a box on the phone all day. Having worked in retail and feeling like a cog in a machine, I was ready for a role which would reward me for my hard work, encouraging competition but in a friendly and positive environment.

I met Caroline on the day of my interview with the words of my own recruitment agent in mind: big smile, firm handshake and straight back. Never in my life have I had an interview so daunting, yet so comfortable and welcoming - I was going for my first job having handed in my dissertation just a week before, and I’d spent the previous night studying meet and its values. Throughout the interview process, I quickly learned that this agency wasn’t the mechanised, cut-throat workplace so many people had warned me against: even as an interview candidate, I felt valued and respected.

When I was told just 3 days later that I’d got the job, I knew it was going to be an incredible but challenging ride. Learning everything about a completely new industry - Life Sciences - sounded like a huge hurdle, especially whilst learning about my own new industry and role. However, from day one, I was given a strong structure for how my training and learning curve would run its course, and was told exactly who would be working with me on each different session. Blaze, Paul and Tom have been incredible at making me feel at home at meet, but still challenge me to be my absolute best - as do the whole team!

Within my first week, I was on the phones, despite having never needed to do professional calls before. It was never treated like a big, looming horror that I needed to overcome, and I was coached on all of the relevant techniques and information beforehand, so I felt positive about moving forward, and by the end of the very next week, I’d already managed to secure my first interview for a candidate. It felt like such a huge achievement, and having everyone share my excitement with a raucous (if not slightly embarrassing) applause as I take each step in my career is reward enough.

As I move forward with meet, I’m excited to make my first deal and start to expand my network, working within medical communications and ensuring that the right candidates are in the right roles.

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