Emma Carlile

Associate Talent Partner

  • Location London
  • Team Pharma, Biotech & CRO
  • Department Partnerships

I moved to London, from Birmingham in 2018 for university and have loved the city life ever since. When I graduated in 2021, I knew I wanted to stay in London to experience the diverse opportunities that the city offers. I had a history of working in hospitality and I thrive from working in a fast-paced and social environment, which I have been fortunate to continue at Meet in my role on CP Contract. I joined Meet in November of 2021 and it has allowed me to continue to appreciate London and everything it has to offer.

I work on the Client Partners team specifically on the Contract side of our department. I deal with a variety of roles in the sector from CRAs to CPMs, roles in SSU and Data Sourcing to name a few. As quite a sociable person I particularly enjoy working my market because I get to speak to a wide range of professionals across different levels of work, as well as from various places in the world. Covering roles across the UK and Europe has been something particularly interesting to me as I enjoy learning about the various studies and trials that are occurring across the continent.

I previously studied History at University and enjoyed it for its focus on the lives of people. I think that is what attracted me to a role in the Life Science industry, as people are at the forefront of studies and motivations. It was a sector that was very new to me, but one which I thoroughly enjoy working in as I am constantly learning and evolving in my role. I am motivated by working with people and learning from others, something which my role allows me to do on a daily basis. It is a privilege to be able to speak with such intelligent people who are at the forefront of trials and help place them in studies that could be a part of historical medical change.

If you are looking for freelance opportunities with some of the top CROs and global Pharmaceuticals, then please do not hesitate to call me on 020 3019 5985 or email me at emma.carlile@peoplewithchemistry.com. I'm am always happy to speak to prospective candidates and assist you in mapping your timelines between contracts, as well as helping you secure roles with some of our outstanding clients who are leaders in the Life Science industry.

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